Half a century after the release of the film Fantastic Voyage, science upstages fiction with Professor Sylvain Martel's nanorobotic agents designed to travel in the human body to treat cancer

Fifty years to the day after the film Fantastic Voyage was first shown in theatres, the Polytechnique Montréal Nanorobotics Laboratory is unveiling a unique medical interventional infrastructure devoted to the fight against cancer. The outcome of 15 years of research conducted by Professor Sylvain Martel and his team, it enables microscopic nanorobotic agents to be guided through the vascular systems of living bodies, delivering drugs to targeted areas. 

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The Fantastic Voyage of Professor Sylvain Martel

50 years after the release of the film 'Fantastic Voyage,' science upstages fiction 


Breakfast with the Chiefs - Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - Toronto, ON

There’s No Place Like Home: How to Build a Better, Patient-Centred Health System Using Virtual Care

Dr. Edward Brown


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