The loophole that lets Ontario doctors grope their patients and keep their licences

Doctors in Ontario can grope their patients and keep their licences, and the government has no clear timeline to address what has become a growing concern.

Health Minister Dr. Eric Hoskins launched a task force in December 2014 to study sexual abuse among health-care professionals.

Sixteen months later, he is unable to say when the task force’s report will be released, or whether he believes doctors found guilty of groping, by their medical college, should be automatically stripped of their licence to practise medicine. Read more here.




Doctors' billing in Ontario is out of whack

Health Minister Eric Hoskins says the current system in Ontario allows some doctors to bill services at an 'inappropriate level of compensation.' 


Breakfast with the Chiefs - Thursday, May 26, 2016 - Toronto, ON

Where Do Older People and Concepts Like Healthy Ageing Fit in with Current Health Reform Conversations?

Dr. Samir Sinha, Dr. Duncan Sinclair and with guest, Bessie Stallworthy


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