Every hospital in Canada should ban perfumes, deodorants and scented lotions, says leading medical journal

“There is little justification for continuing to tolerate artificial scents in our hospitals,” a CMAJ article says. Chemicals in perfumes and other fragranced products can cause health problems such as headaches, dizziness, wheezing, nausea, fatigue, confusion and anxiety. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy can also become extremely sensitive to certain scents, according to UHN in Toronto, which has a scent-free policy, posted at the entrances to all four of its hospitals.

Dr. Ken Flegel, co-author of the new editorial said, “You get a big inflammation in your lungs, and it can be much more rapid and instant than it is with the allergic kind” of asthma... It is becoming obvious that some people can be made to feel ill, or even seriously harmed. It’s time to call a stop.”  Read more here.  




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