I’m the kind of ‘Paki’ doctor mom doesn’t want to see

“I’d like to see a white doctor.”  “You’re telling me there’s not one white doctor in this whole entire building?”  “I’m not going there with all those Paki doctors.”

It’s tough reading these statements. Even harder watching it. I can only imagine what one must feel in the moment being on the receiving end of such racist vitriol. At first blush, one might think that this scene unfolds in a place where fear and xenophobia have reached a fever pitch. You would be wrong. This happened in Mississauga.   Read more from Dr. Adam Kassam here




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Michael Apkon, CEO, Sick Kids & Peter Pisters, CEO, UHN
Sarah Hutchinson, CEO & Darren Larsen, CMO, OntarioMD, and more…

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