Home Care Recipients: Handy, Obliging, Persistent and Engaged

Home care clients and providers may have different perceptions of the risks associated with being cared for at home. Disparity can often exist between the client/family caregivers’ and the professional caregivers’ understanding and acceptance of what is safe. The challenge is achieving an informed understanding.

Despite all that we do as care providers, researchers, toolkit designers, et cetera, we believe our greatest source of hope for home care and for safety in home care belongs to home care recipients. We have used HOPE as an acronym to attempt to describe for you how home care recipients come to wear the mantle of home care safety. Read more here




Canadian seniors and home care

Home care is considered an important part of keeping Canadian seniors safe at home. That said, 91% of Canadian seniors reported that they did not require publicly funded home care and 12% say that they rely on informal caregiving.



Breakfast with the Chiefs - Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - Toronto, ON

Heroic Incrementalism Works and Needs Acceleration

Dr. Robert Bell, Deputy Minister of Health at Ministry of Health & Long Term Care


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