A Better Prescription: Advice for a National Strategy on Pharmaceutical Policy in Canada

By Steven G. Morgan, Marc-André Gagnon, Barbara Mintzes and Joel Lexchin

Canada needs a national strategy for pharmaceutical policy and now is the time to make it happen owing to the current alignment of government interests at federal and provincial levels. Since 2010, provinces have been voluntarily collaborating on prescription drug pricing through a Pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance; and some provinces, most notably Ontario, have been calling for federal-provincial collaboration to establish a universal pharmacare program to make medicines more accessible to all Canadians. REad more here.




Bessie at 100+

Bessie Stallworthy will soon be 101. She writes books and blog posts about her 100+ years. Read them here


Catalyst for Collaboration, Improved Access & Commercialization of Health Innovations

William Charnetski, Neil D. Fraser and Moderated by Michael B. Decter
at Breakfast with the Chiefs, April 19, 2016.

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