December 2016

Digital Drivers in a Learning Health System: Considerations for Research Innovation

Research innovation has the potential to speed progress towards seamless services, empowered patients, and safer care by guiding and bolstering new directions in digital health. Coordinated approaches to gain consensus ...

October 2016

eHealth Advances in Support of People with Complex Care Needs: Case Examples from Canada, Scotland and the US         

This article presents three case examples from Ontario (Canada), Scotland and Kaiser Permanente Colorado (United States) to identify how various jurisdictions are using health-related IT technology to address multimorbidity.

October 2016

Enhancing Patient Care via a Pharmacist-Managed Rural Anticoagulation Clinic

Integrating specialized pharmacist services and follow-up with the laboratory, home care nursing, retail pharmacy and physicians can ensure optimal outcomes for patients receiving anticoagulation, or "blood thinner," therapy. Improved patient ...

October 2016

Profile: Ed Brown and the Development of the Ontario Telemedicine Network

OTN's current success in helping to serve the healthcare needs of 12 million people spread across more than one million square kilometres (a territory larger than Spain and France combined) ...

August 2016

Past, Present and Future: The Outlook from Mid-Career Nurse Informaticians     

The experience of a several early and mid-career nurses who chose to focus on nursing informatics (NI) is exploring - including how and why they chose this career path, the ...

August 2016

Informatics and Nursing in a Post-Nursing Informatics World: Future Directions for Nurses in an Automated, Artificially-Intelligent, Social-Networked Healthcare Environment     

The author looks at technological advancements currently taking place within healthcare, and proposes implications for the nursing role and the nursing informatics specialty. He also offers recommendations and insights towards ...

June 2016

An International Perspective on Nursing Informatics: In Conversation with Nick Hardiker     

Nick Hardiker, Director of the eHealth Programme at the International Council of Nurses, has worked with nurses and nursing leaders from many countries around the world to support the development ...

June 2016

The Importance of Being Informatics Savvy

A discussion of the importance of nursing informatics as well as current and emerging considerations for nurse leaders.

June 2016

Repeated Diagnostic Imaging Studies in Ontario and the Impact of Health Information Exchange Systems     

Health information exchange systems can link the results of diagnostic imaging tests across hospitals and geographic areas, and potentially reduce the number of imaging studies ordered by physicians. The authors ...

April 2016

Canadians Want Patient Online Healthcare Options

Eight in 10 Canadian adults want online access to their own health information yet fewer than one in 10 currently have it, according to a new study published in HealthcarePapers.


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