April 2015

The Association between Health Information Technology Adoption and Family Physicians’ Practice Patterns in Canada: Evidence from 2007 and 2010 National Physician Surveys         

Use of HIT is found to be associated with fewer patient visits and longer visit length among family physicians in Canada relative to NO users, but this association weakened in ...

April 2015

Implementing and Maintaining a Researchable Database from Electronic Medical Records: A Perspective from an Academic Family Medicine Department         

There is currently keen interest in electronic medical records ( EMRs ) as a tool for improving practice policy and research in family medicine and interdisciplinary primary healthcare.

April 2015

Measuring Maturity of Use for Electronic Medical Records in British Columbia: The Physician Information Technology Office         

This article examines British Columbia’s Physician Information Technology Office’s efforts to measure and improve the use of electronic medical records by select practices with an assessment of their progress using ...

February 2015

Supporting Evidence-Informed Health Policy Making: The Development and Contents of an Online Repository of Policy-Relevant Documents Addressing Healthcare Renewal in Canada     

The objective of this paper is to develop an online repository of policy-relevant documents, other than and complementary to those from the peer-reviewed scientific literature, addressing healthcare renewal in Canada ...

December 2014

Leading the Revolution in Nursing Practice: Advancing Health in the Digital Age     

Nursing is on the verge of a major shift in both its work and its value due to increasing pressure to move out of acute-care hospitals and into the community; ...

October 2014

Gaps in Primary Healthcare Electronic Medical Record Research and Knowledge:Findings of a Pan-Canadian Study     

While the barriers to electronic medical record (EMR) adoption by physicians are well-known, much less is known on the broader challenges regarding EMR use faced by primary healthcare (PHC) EMR ...

August 2014

Diagnostic Imaging Ordering Practices: Physician Perspectives and Implications for Decision Support     

This study explored ways to reduce inappropriate diagnostic image ordering and identified socio-technical factors that need to be considered when developing ways to mitigate this phenomenon. Promoting more appropriate ordering ...

June 2014

CPOE with Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Support Improves Patient Outcomes: The Journey to Date for a Canadian Hospital     

It has been argued that information technology can reduce the rate of preventable healthcare errors. After a review of the literature, the leadership of a large Canadian hospital was convinced ...

May 2014

Evaluation of a Shared Electronic Health Record     

The authors evaluated a web-based, view-only electronic health record (EHR) system implemented to support information sharing across organizational boundaries and disparate clinical information systems.

February 2014

Evaluating the Adoption of E-prescribing in Primary Care     

The authors found that recruited physicians are using most of the e-prescribing and EMR features available. However, there are several gaps between the ideal, possible and current states of e-prescribing.


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