November 2010

Short -term Commitment – Long-term Benefits

October 2010

Overcoming Personality Collisions in the Busy Workplace

September 2010

Absenteeism and Disability Management – Effective Strategies Require Confronting the Elephants in the Room

August 2010

The Demonstration Projects: Creating the Capacity for Nursing Health Human Resource Planning in Ontario's Healthcare Organizations

May 2010

Evaluation of the Career Development and Compensation Program in the Department of Paediatrics at The Hospital for Sick Children     

May 2010

The Potential for Nosocomial Infection Transmission by White Coats Used by Physicians in Nigeria: Implications for Improved Patient-Safety Initiatives

May 2010

360-Degree Physician Performance Assessment     

February 2010

Work Mistreatment and Hospital Administrative Staff: Policy Implications for Healthier Workplaces

March 2010

The Call of the Canadian Physician

The 2007 National Physician Survey shows that 70% of physicians are on call each month. Slightly fewer female and family physicians are on call compared with male physicians and other ...

May 2009

Role of Educational Institutions in Identifying and Responding to Emerging Health Human Resources Needs