March 2017

Family as a Social Determinant of Health: Implications for Governments and Institutions to Promote the Health and Well-Being of Families

The well-being of families is the cornerstone on which society rests; yet evidence is growing that families are facing significant challenges beyond their control that adversely impact their ability to ...

March 2017

Why do we need a National Seniors Strategy? Because it’s 2016

Five million Canadians over 65 now represent 16 per cent of our overall population, but that number is expected to double over the next two decades. Many experts also agree ...

March 2017

Gambling: A Unique Policy Challenge         

Gambling is addictive. As with drinking, gambling involvement occurs along a continuum from problem free, at one extreme, to very harmful at the other. Unique to gambling, however, is that ...

January 2017

Private Health Insurance: An International Overview and Considerations for Canada

In Chaoulli the Supreme Court narrowly struck down provisions under Quebec law that prohibited the purchase of private health insurance for government - insured physician and hospital services

January 2017

Healthcare - How We Live, Environment - Where We Live, and Economy - How We Make A Living

In earlier society we separated human health the economy and the environment into neat boxes each divorced from the other with separate ways of thinking communicating and funding their solutions

January 2017

Health Quality in Canada: a cup half full

We would expect Canada, as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with per capita health expenditures among the highest of its peer countries, and cherishing a publicly funded ...

November 2016

Getting the Foundations Right: Alberta's Approach to Healthcare Reform         

Alberta is a relatively high-spending province in terms of age–gender adjusted per capita public health expenditure (based on CIHI data). But its health-adjusted life expectancy is below the Canadian average, ...

November 2016

Mount Sinai Hospital’s Approach to Ontario’s Health System Funding Reform     

Mount Sinai Hospital recognized that moving from global funding to a “patient-based” model would have substantial operational and clinical implications. This article outlines the hospital’s approach and highlights key lessons ...

November 2016

Frailty a better gauge for healthcare funding

The Trudeau government should craft a new arrangement for health-care funding based on the precise and evidence-based concept of frailty

September 2016

Checklist to Meet Ethical and Legal Obligations to Critically Ill Patients at the End of Life     

Despite improvements in communication, errors in end-of-life care continue to be made. For example, healthcare professionals may take direction from the wrong substitute decision-maker, or from family members when the ...


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