September 2016

Transfers of LTC Residents to Hospital EDs: An Ethics Quality Improvement Project to Minimize Non-beneficial and Unwanted Hospital Transfers and Maximize System Efficiency     

The authors describe three quality improvement projects intended to ensure LTC residents received the care they want and that benefits them.

July 2016

A Better Prescription: Advice for a National Strategy on Pharmaceutical Policy in Canada         

Canada needs a national strategy to fulfill its obligation to ensure universal access to necessary healthcare, including prescription drugs. Building on published research and international frameworks, the authors propose that ...

July 2016

Still-Born Autonomy Insurance Plan in Quebec: Example of a Public Long-Term Care Insurance System in Canada     

The Autonomy Insurance (AI) plan developed in Quebec was an attempt to introduce public long-term care insurance into the healthcare system. The AI benefit was based on an assessment of ...

May 2016

Yes, Doctors, You Were Right. The Data Were Wrong: One Organization’s Data Quality Journey     

In 2012, publicly released reports indicated that the health outcomes at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Toronto (SJHC), may not be of the same quality when compared with those at peer ...

May 2016

Examining Privacy Regulatory Frameworks in Canada in the Context of HIV     

In the process of receiving perinatal care, women living with HIV (WLWH) in Canada have experienced disclosure of their HIV status without their express consent. This paper is a critical ...

March 2016

Legal Issues in Patient Safety: The Example of Nosocomial Infection

Recent years have witnessed a growing number of lawsuits aimed at seeking redress for lapses in patient safety. In early 2004, an Ontario law firm filed a class action lawsuit ...

March 2016

Trillium Health Centre's Journey to Disclosure

Disclosure has been defined in the Canadian Safety Patient Dictionary as "the imparting, by healthcare workers to patients or their significant others, of information pertaining to any healthcare event affecting ...

March 2016

Pursuing Criminal Charges Against Patients who are Reported as Having Assaulted Healthcare Professionals: Considerations     

This paper responds to questions regarding the procedures of criminally charging patients with assault, with considerations learned from the Toronto Police Services, an RN, a Nurse Manager, a Psychiatrist, a ...

January 2016

High-Cost Users of Ontario's Healthcare Services         

Approximately 1.5% of Ontario's population, represented by the top 5% highest cost-incurring users of Ontario's hospital and home care services, account for 61% of hospital and home care costs.

January 2016

Letter from the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

Ontario's healthcare system is faced with unprecedented challenges. We are slowly pulling out of the worst economic downturn since the advent of medicare, and, for the foreseeable future, economic growth ...


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