November 2015

Accountability through Regulation in Ontario’s Medical Laboratory Sector         

This case study, using both documents and interview data, examines the approaches to accountability in the Ontario Medical Laboratory Sector, noting both the challenges and benefits. The greatest challenges exist ...

November 2015

Bio-Crime: The Criminalization of HIV in Canada

The paper considers criticism of HIV criminalization from the perspectives of public health and human rights. Taking these criticisms into account, the paper concludes with two policy options for HIV ...

September 2015

Healthcare and the Law: A View from the Bar

When a patient's care becomes the subject of medical-legal litigation, those from healthcare involved in the case may not understand the decisions of the lawyers and the final judgment of ...

September 2015

Thinking about Thinking: Implications for Patient Safety

How do physicians know what they know? Rather than thinking like scientists - or how we think scientists think - physicians are engaged in analogical, interpretive reasoning that resembles Aristotle's ...

September 2015

Shared Decision-Making

Shared decision-making has been called the crux of patient-centred care and identified as a key part of change for improved quality and safety in healthcare. However, it rarely happens, is ...

September 2015

Nurses' Decisions, Irreducible Uncertainty and Maximizing Nurses' Contribution to Patient Safety

The authors explore the contribution of nurses' decision-making to patient safety, by providing two simple scenarios and asking the reader to decide if either is a "good" or a ...

September 2015

Context Is Everything or How Could I Have Been That Stupid?

Learning from past events is inevitably an imperfect process. Retrospective investigations, such as root-cause analysis, critical incident review, morbidity and mortality rounds and legal investigations, all suffer the limitation that ...

September 2015

Decision-Making in Healthcare and the Law: An Introduction

Decision-making is the engine of human existence, driving all behaviour in all the various domains of activity. Yet, outside the discipline of cognitive psychology and other academic disciplines, decision-making has ...

June 2015

Uncharted Territory: Policy Options for a Public Health Emergency in Canada

This paper analyzes the state of the law in Canada regarding preparedness and response in a national public health emergency

April 2015

The Opportunity and Strategy for Quality and Health-System Improvement Now and in the Future

The article describes how Cancer Care Ontario’s Corporate Strategy is driving organizational improvement: evolving CCO’s capacity and capability to drive quality and value across healthcare settings.


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