September 2015

Decision-Making in Healthcare and the Law: An Introduction

Decision-making is the engine of human existence, driving all behaviour in all the various domains of activity. Yet, outside the discipline of cognitive psychology and other academic disciplines, decision-making has ...

June 2015

Uncharted Territory: Policy Options for a Public Health Emergency in Canada

This paper analyzes the state of the law in Canada regarding preparedness and response in a national public health emergency

April 2015

The Opportunity and Strategy for Quality and Health-System Improvement Now and in the Future

The article describes how Cancer Care Ontario’s Corporate Strategy is driving organizational improvement: evolving CCO’s capacity and capability to drive quality and value across healthcare settings.

April 2015

Improving Health Equity for First Nations, Inuit and Métis People: Ontario’s Aboriginal Cancer Strategy II

Cancer Care Ontario’s Aboriginal Cancer Strategy II aims to reduce this health inequity and to improve the cancer journey and experience for First Nations, Inuit and Métis people in Ontario. ...

April 2015

Accountability and Primary Healthcare         

This paper examines the accountability structures within primary healthcare in Ontario; in particular, who is accountable for what and to whom, and the policy tools being used. The findings indicate ...

April 2015

The Goldilocks Principle and Canadian Healthcare System Governance

February 2015

Continuous Quality Improvement: A Shared Governance Model That Maximizes Agent-Specific Knowledge

February 2015

Enhancing Leadership and Governance Competencies to Strengthen Health Systems in Nigeria: Assessment of Organizational Human Resources Development         

In this cross-sectional intervention study, leadership and governance competencies of policy makers were enhanced through a training workshop, and an assessment was conducted of organizational activities designed to promote evidence-informed ...

February 2015

National Perspectives on Patient Safety: Ten Years Later

In early 2014, Longwoods Publishing convened a roundtable discussion on the subject of patient safety to get the perspectives of some of the leading healthcare organizations across Canada.

February 2015

Governance, Policy and System-Level Efforts to Support Safer Healthcare

This paper provides an overview of some key changes in the past decade across Canada in the policy, programs and governance and leadership developed to support safer healthcare.


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