February 2015

National Perspectives on Patient Safety: Ten Years Later

In early 2014, Longwoods Publishing convened a roundtable discussion on the subject of patient safety to get the perspectives of some of the leading healthcare organizations across Canada.

February 2015

Governance, Policy and System-Level Efforts to Support Safer Healthcare

This paper provides an overview of some key changes in the past decade across Canada in the policy, programs and governance and leadership developed to support safer healthcare.

January 2015

Increasing Interest and Demand? Is Our System Well-Enough Prepared for Policy Change?     

The author calls for planning well ahead for changes in policy to provide optimal, ethical and safe approaches to the offering of services around assisted death as an option for ...

November 2014

Inadequate Performance Measures Affecting Practices, Organizations and Outcomes of Ontario’s Family Health Teams     

In this study the authors asked: What healthcare practices and organizational structures are encouraged by the FHT model? Results suggest that unintended consequences of perfor­mance measures may be posing challenges ...

November 2014

Mind the Gap: Governance and Health Workforce Outcomes     

Key messages from the report are that: (1) leadership, communication and engagement are crucial to workforce change; (2) workforce outcomes need to be considered in conjunction with patient outcomes; and ...

September 2014

Accountability in the UK Healthcare System: An Overview         

This commentary describes how the new organizational structures have challenged the traditional centralized accountability structures by creating a more dispersed system of governance for local health­care commissioners.

September 2014

Thinking about Accountability         

Accountability is a key component of healthcare reforms, in Canada and internationally, but there is increasing recognition that one size does not fit all. A more nuanced understanding begins with ...

June 2014

A Road Map to Building Ethics Capacity in the Home and Community Care and Support Services Sector     

The authors introduce the Community Ethics Network (CEN), a replicable network of home and community care agencies in the Greater Toronto Area.

June 2014

Diffusion of Personal Health Information Services: Self-Determining and Empowering Practices for Manitoba Inuit     

The author describes findings from research conducted into culturally safe practices for communicating personal health information services related to a provincial integrated electronic health record.

April 2014

Is Public Health Ready to Participate in the Transformation of the Healthcare System?     

To guide the significant changes required in Canadian healthcare, the authors advocate for transforming the primary care system into a community-based primary healthcare (CBPH) system. They discuss, in particular, the ...


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