October 2014

An Essential Guide to Clinical Documentation Improvement.

October 2014

Digital health coach: the evolving role of pharmacists

September 2014

Improving Health Care for Elders at Mount Sinai Hospital

September 2014

Mount Sinai Hospital Improves Patient Outcomes with Electronic Documentation

August 2014

Addressing social determinants and their impact on healthcare

May 2014

Exploring the value, benefits and common concerns of e-booking

Consumers are looking for the convenience to manage their interactions with the health system online, with e-booking being a leading interest. Infoway has gathered evidence around the perspectives and experiences ...

December 2013

Canada’s Healthcare IT Dilemma

November 2013

Board Compensation within the Broader Public Sector in Canada: Does size matter in Board Chair compensation?

September 2013

Migrate with Confidence: Five steps to a successful integration engine migration

August 2013

Hospital pharmacy automation | Optimizing safety and efficiency