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Breakfast with the Chiefs 

Matt Anderson

A View from a LHIN

Breakfast with the Chiefs 

Alan Hudson

Improving Access - The Governance Challenges

Breakfast with the Chiefs 

Tom Closson

The Five Most Important Ideas to Improve Ontario Healthcare

Breakfast with the Chiefs 

Michael Guerriere

Annual Review of IM/IT in Healthcare: The Unvarnished Version


Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

Performance Reporting to Help Organizations Promote Quality Improvement


Kate Rexe, Steeve Vigneault and Jennifer Thornhill

Public Reporting: One Piece of the Quality Improvement Puzzle

Case Studies 

Edward Etchells, Cynthia Bailey, Ron Biason, Susan DeSousa, Laurie Fowler, Karen Johnson, Catherine Morash and Catherine O'Neill

Human Factors in Action: Getting "Pumped" at a Nursing Usability Laboratory