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The CMA’s platform on the 2017 federal/provincial/territorial health accord 

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The first step in creating a new health accord must be to hammer out a common vision of how to
improve the health of Canadians. This will provide critical direction and focus for the ensuing discussion,
so that the collective challenges facing all health care systems in Canada — both the 13 provincial and
territorial systems and the federal system responsible for populations falling under federal jurisdiction —
can be overcome.

With this in mind, the CMA offers a vision statement for consideration in the discussions about the next
national health accord. The CMA’s vision is based on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI)

Triple Aim framework to optimize health system performance: (1) improving the patient experience of
care (including quality and satisfaction), (2) improving the health of populations and (3) achieving better
value for money invested in health care. Our vision is also founded on collaborative work we have
undertaken with several other health and non-health organizations regarding principles to guide the
transformation of health care in Canada.

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