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    gina konjarski | May 23, 2012 at 10:05 am

    I’m trying to raise awareness and public support for accountability into institutions through an Ombudsman. Given the nature of your group, I hope that you can support this social justice initiative that would help protect the public especially the vulnerable and marginalized.

    A bill is coming to the legislature in May in the next two weeks to expand Ombudsman oversight, please download the petition below and speak to your MPP and ask them to support expanding Ombudsman oversight in Ontario.

    The Ontario Ombudsman is a public watchdog that oversees the provincial government, meaning if you have a complaint over a government agency he will investigate and help to resolve the issue on your behalf. We have an excellent Ombudsman, Andre Marin- he and his office do excellent work which have helped to trigger important reforms improving the lives of thousands of Ontarians.

    But, in Ontario (unlike the rest of Canada), the Ombudsman is RESTRICTED from investigating serious complaints of mistreatment/abuse in hospitals, long-term care, police misconduct, university complaints, school bullying, children’s aid who take children wrongfully from parents.

    The Provinicial government in Ontario has been LACKING political will to have this changed. Every other province in Canada, allows their Ombudsman into some or all of these areas except Ontario. It leaves thousands of people without anywhere to turn to for help. We as citizens of Ontario are all affected by the lack of accountability.

    Petition http://ontariocfa.com/​documents/​ombudsman_petition.pdf

    List of MPP’s http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/​members/​member_addresses.do?AddType=QP&​locale=en

    This needs public pressure to change so please Spread the Word to friends, family, any organizations you belong to and speak to your MPP in Ontario.

    In this link it showcases how Ontario lags behind the rest of Canada.
    Link: http://www.ombudsman.on.ca/​About-Us/​The-Ombudsman-s-Office/​Who-We-Oversee/MUSH-Sector.aspx

    I welcome any comments, feedback or questions.

    Gina Konjarski


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