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The 30-Day Healthcare Analytics Makeover Online Workshop

February 8, 2018 to March 8, 2018
Live, Online, Interactive

February 8, 15, & 22; March 8, 2018 | 12:00-1:30 PM ET | Live, Online, Interactive

This online workshop is for a small committed group of data analytics professionals & decision makers, exclusively tailored for NIHI, based on the Analytics Transformation Toolkit developed by Trevor Strome.  The workshop consists of 4 highly interactive sessions that will provide the tools that will enable a healthcare organization to identify vital components within their system of analytics that can be enhanced to improve overall capability and/or value and ultimately provide the more timely, accurate, and reliable insight that decision-makers require to operate a modern healthcare organization. Trevor will supply participants with all the materials and guidance needed to make real change to your organization's Data Analytics Program. 

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The App Developer's Guide to Privacy & Security Workshop

February 27, 2018
Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario

February 27, 2017 | Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario

Privacy always emerges as a question to be answered by app developers and start-up companies in the healthcare space. Privacy and security controls are often mandatory requirements for health sector procurements. How can app developers and start-ups address the privacy concerns of patients, healthcare providers, clients and service providers while staying lean and agile in their development practices? This workshop will cover critical privacy legislation, conducting a privacy risk assessment, assessing what privacy and security features to build into your products and services, implementing an affordable privacy management program and handling a privacy breach. 

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CHSPR 2018 30th Annual Health Policy Conference

March 8 - 9, 2018
Pinnacle Hotel Vancouver Harbourfront, Vancouver, BC

The System Awakens: Building Learning Healthcare Systems in Canada

For three decades, CHSPR’s annual conference has provided a platform for thought-provoking dialogues on emerging research in the health services and policy domain. In 2018, the conference will address the question of how British Columbia can become a learning healthcare system. In a learning healthcare system, every patient interaction is treated as a learning activity, and the ethos of the system overall is improvement. Speakers will share the latest thinking on learning healthcare systems and facilitate conversations on how British Columbia can adopt the principles and actions that define such systems.

The conference will be structured around keynote and plenary panel presentations, with ample opportunity for facilitated discussion. Delegates will also present their work and experiences around learning health systems in short oral presentation and poster sessions, and engagement with all speakers and presenters will be encouraged. Web and video based technology will be employed to facilitate sharing of new knowledge during and after the conference.

The key objective of the conference is to bring together researchers, policy-makers, decision-makers, clinicians, students, patient partners, and interested public who would be involved in creating, implementing, and being part of a learning health system. Confirmed speakers include Charles Friedman of the University of Michigan, an international leader in learning health systems and our opening keynote; Nancy Kass, a Johns Hopkins bioethicist who has written extensively about learning health systems; Lucy Savitz of Kaiser Permanente as our closing keynote; and Jean-François Ethier (Université de Sherbrooke), David Ford (College of Medicine in Swansea University, Wales), and Walter Wodchis (University of Toronto) as a panel showcasing learning health system exemplars from outside of BC from which we can learn.

The program will also feature panels taking inventory of nascent learning health systems (and precursors) in BC, and anticipating issues in transforming to learning health systems, such as ethical concerns, policy barriers, informatics challenges, and gaps in leadership. Immediately post-conference, meetings of collaborative groups seeded with conference speakers will be organized, intended to help create concrete action plans for moving learning health system ideas into practice in BC. We expect that many conference delegates will bring ideas back to their organizations and act as learning health system ‘champions’ to facilitate transformation in BC.

The call for abstracts is open.

Follow @CHSPR on Twitter for conference updates and use #CHSPR2018 to share your thoughts.

Measuring Return on Investment in Health Care

March 13 - 27, 2018
Live, Online, Interactive

March 13, 20 & 27, 2018 | 12:00-1:30 PM ET | Live, Online, Interactive

Executives are now asking for return on investment (ROI) on major healthcare projects in technology, quality, patient experience, procurement, process improvement, compliance, innovation and other functional areas. This four part series provides participants with the essential knowledge required to use the ROI methodology.

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NLN.ON 2018 Conference - Better Together: Realizing Our Collective Potential

March 22 - 23, 2018
Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto, Ontario

The Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario is proud to announce the 2018 Annual Conference for Health Care Leaders will be held March 22nd & 23rd, 2018 at the Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto, Ontario.

The NLN.ON 2018 Conference brochure is now available. Please take a moment to check out the exciting plenary presentations, posters and concurrent sessions click here. This year’s theme is “Better Together: Realizing Our Collective Potential".

Click Here to register online or Click Here for the registration form. 


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Communications in Health Care Settings Summit

March 22, 2018
Radisson Admiral Hotel Toronto-Harbourfront, Toronto, ON

 Welcome to the Inaugural Communications in Health Care Settings Summit! This is a brand-new business-to-business event in Toronto, Ontario oriented specifically towards the health care sector’s communication, public relations, and marketing professionals, and it features two conferences with focuses on different aspects of communication.

Digital Media Conference
Great for: communication roles, involved with social media channels and overall digital media for health care organizations. Sessions covering:

  • Digital media strategy
  • Measuring success
  • Creating content that resonates
  • Social listening tools
  • Trends in digital marketing

Corporate Communication Conference
Great for: senior communication roles responsible for setting the strategy in communication departments in health care organizations. Sessions covering:

  • Communicating complex corporate strategies
  • Government relations
  • Community engagement
  • Foundations and hospitals: brand integration
  • Privacy breaches

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Healthy Canada Conference 2018: Personalized Health and Wellness

March 27 - 28, 2018
Sheraton Centre Toronto, Toronto, ON

Applying precision across the health system, from prevention to health care to workplace wellness is the next frontier of Canadian health innovation

The concept of precision or personalized medicine is increasingly becoming a reality. Put simply, medical decisions, practices, policies, and programs, and/or products are tailored to the individual patient based on their predicted response or disease risk.

This precision approach to interventions across all pillars of health presents unique opportunities to enhance health and well-being for all Canadians while delivering value-for-money. This includes health promotion and public health, health care system design and interventions, and workplace health and wellness programming and policies.

Once-size-fits-all approaches no longer deliver results nor value

Canada has too long catered to the average. Big data analytics offers the opportunity to better understand individual- and community-level characteristics, preferences, and needs. Health care providers, health care delivery organizations, employers, governments, and the health technologies industry can all leverage this data. This will lead to better outcomes including improved devices and pharmaceuticals, and better products and programs.

Join us to discuss how Canada can become a leader in implementing a personalized approach to health and wellness

This event will bring together experts and stakeholders from across the country to address these issues and many others, with the goal of applying innovation to health and wellness. This will help all participants in the system achieve greater impact from a population health and productivity stand-point. Don`t miss this chance to explore the top issues, network with your peers, and have your say on how we can improve Canadians’ health through personalization.

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The Past, Present and Future of Private Finance for Medicare in Canada

April 6 - 7, 2018
University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON


Is Two-Tier Care the Future?
Private Finance in Canadian Medicare


Constitutional litigation threatens to further open the door to privatization of health care in Canada. This conference brings speakers from the U.S., Australia, Ireland, France, and across Canada to discuss experiences in other countries with two-tier systems and how Canada could respond if a legal challenge is successful.

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Canada's MedTech Conference presented by MEDEC

April 11 - 12, 2018
Mississagua, ON

Announcing the following speakers for Canada's MedTech Conference:

  • William Charnetski, Ontario's Chief Health Innovation Strategist
  • Justin Riemer, Assistant Deputy Minister, Innovation and Strategic Operations, Alberta Health
  • Alethse De la Torre Rosas, Director, Standardization and Latin America, ICHOM
  • Zayna Khayat, Future Strategist, Saint Elizabeth
  • Arden Krystal, President & CEO Southlake
  • Don May, Executive Vice President, Payment and Healthcare Delivery, AdvaMed

Canada's MedTech Conference presented by MEDEC is Canada's preeminent information exchange and educational forum for the medical technology industry- tackling issues such as the adoption of innovation and opportunities to foster transformation within the healthcare system. Attendees will hear from and engage with high-profile health system leaders and network with colleagues. Previous year's conferences have hosted dignitaries such as Ministers of Health, Hospital CEOs and other influential thought leaders. This year is shaping up to be no different!

Based on attendee feedback from the 2017 conference, MEDEC will be offering Interactive Breakout Sessions at Canada's MedTech Conference in 2018. Check out our website for regular updates and announcements!

Reduced rates available for government/healthcare organizations.

Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership -- Dialogue: A Tool to Lead Action

April 20 - 21, 2018
JW Marriott Parq Vancouver Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia

The Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership is a 2-day education event that brings together a wide range of physician leaders from across Canada. The conference is designed to engage and help physician leaders at all levels of the their career. Take advantage of our six pre-conference intensive course (April 18-19, 2018).

View the program, sessions and speakers on our conference website

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