2017-12-06 from globalnews.ca

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan (CPSS) says a doctor who practiced in Prince Albert and is facing 11 charges of unprofessional conduct has fled the country.

Dr. Josias Furstenberg is accused of having sex with five patients.

He is also accused of prescribing large amounts of opioids to one of those patients and failing to take steps to deal with the patient’s drug dependency or addiction.

CPSS is also accusing him of access a person’s health information without that person’s consent.

The allegations date back to last year.

None of the charges, which were laid by the CPSS last month, have been proven and the matter has been referred to a discipline committee.

According to the CPSS, Furstenberg has closed his practice in Prince Albert and returned to South Africa. 

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