The Ontario government created the Health Innovation Council (OHIC) to improve the sustainability of the health care system and accelerate Ontario innovations into practice and the marketplace. It’s a beginning.

The council is charged to:

  • Improve health, health care and well-being in Ontario.
  • Spur innovation that lowers health care costs.
  • Increase quality of patient care.
  • Stimulate the environment needed for job creation in this sector.
  • Attract the best and brightest researchers and entrepreneurs to Ontario.

Ontario's medical devices sector exported approximately $1.4 billion in goods, some 63 per cent of total Canadian medical devices exports. 

Ontario-supported innovation programs include MaRS Excellence in Clinical Innovation and Technology Evaluation, Ontario Centres of Excellence and the Health Technology Exchange.

OHIC Members are:
Dr. Dave Williams
is a Canadian Astronaut and President and CEO of Southlake Regional Heath Centre and Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Toronto.
Richard Dicerni is Adjunct Research Professor, Lawrence Centre, Richard Ivey School of Business, Western University.
Dr. Robert Bell is President and CEO, University Health Network (UHN), in June 2005.
Adalsteinn (Steini) Brown is Director of the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation and the Dalla Lana Chair in Public Health Policy, and Head of the Division of Public Health Policy at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto.
Neil Fraser is President of Medtronic of Canada Ltd. and Chair of the Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation Advisory Council.
Sarah Friesen is CEO and General Manager, Central Ontario Healthcare Procurement Alliance.
Dr. Raphael (Rafi) Hofstein
is President and CEO of MaRS Innovation.
Jeffrey Lozon is President and CEO, Revera Inc. - Retirement Living/Long Term Care (Canada)
Peter Robertson is Vice President and General Manager, GE Healthcare
Shirlee Sharkey
is President and Chief Executive Officer of Saint Elizabeth.
Leslee Thompson is President and CEO, Kingston General Hospital
Peter van der Velden
is Managing General Partner, Lumira Capital Investment Management Inc.
Theodore Witek is President and CEO of BoehringerIngelheim (Canada) Ltd.
Catherine Zahn is President and CEO, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Anne Snowdon is Chair, International Centre for Health Innovation, Richard Ivey School of Business

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Publisher’s Comment
The chair might consider rounding out this panel. Why is every member from the health/medicine sector? Where are the innovators who created real products, companies and new ideas? Mike Lazaridis of BlackBerry fame: SoftKey’s Kevin O’Leary and Michael Perik who leveraged the cut-rate CD and sold zillions of titles; Ron Joyce -- the founder, owner operator of Tim Horton’s; the scientists at SPAR to help create the Canadarm? Where are Canada’s real McCoy’s?

Put Kevin O’Leary among this esteemed list and watch the sparks fly.