There are many things that can make you happy – love, money, a family, a great job or a great set of friends. 

Equally, there are lots of things that can make you unhappy, such as losing any or all of the above.

However, there are also many things you can do to make yourself happy.

Of course, it takes time, strength, and dedication, but if you can find it in yourself to muster up all three, you may just thank yourself in the long-run.

While different issues require different methods – for instance, good diet and exercise isn’t going to be enough to battle a serious mental health condition – there are some steps that will be fit for all, even if they only put you onto a path to find your own happiness.

Below are 9 steps that have helped me, which you can also use to better your mental health.

1. Talk about your problems

It’s easier said than done, but talking about things really, really helps. No matter how big or small, a problem affecting your state of mind matters. Even if the problem isn’t actually resolved through talking, even if the person you’re talking to can’t physically help, there’s no greater sense of relief than getting something that is bothering you off of your chest.

2. Listen to some music

Not just for the love of music, but for those three-and-a-half minutes where you’re doing nothing but listening. In that time, your mind completely drifts away, and you won’t even notice it happening. Listening to music – whatever genre you like – can be incredibly calming and can help give you a quick time-out when it’s desperately needed.

3. Focus on your diet

While some refuse to acknowledge it, your diet can really affect your state of mind. According to Mind Charity, if your blood sugar drops, you may feel ‘tired, irritable and depressed’. They recommend eating regularly to keep the sugar level steady, and to choose foods that release energy slowly. 

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