ACEN Membership Application Details


The Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses (ACEN) welcomes senior nurse leaders from all institutions and healthcare organizations, regional health authorities, national and/or provincial health service delivery organizations where teaching and research are part of the organization’s mandate. This includes individual deans and directors of university faculties/schools of nursing, nurse executives of national and provincial organizations, nurses in senior executive positions in government, and senior nurse researchers whose research supports the mandate of ACEN. Membership for former ACEN members who retire (are no longer employed) but wish to remain active within the organization are eligible for membership.

The purpose of the Academy is to provide a forum for nurses in senior leadership positions in agencies associated with university nursing facilities.

Objectives include:

  • Providing a forum to discuss and share strategies related to nursing, education, research and leadership;
  • Developing strong strategic coalitions and partnerships with other health care leadership groups; and
  • Influence and participate in setting the directions for health care policy and dialogue in Canada

The Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses is a network of dynamic nurse leaders from across Canada who are committed to promoting nursing professional practice and supporting leadership development. ACEN is very pleased to welcome senior and emerging nurse executive/leaders to the organization. Please visit