Lifting up the voices of patients, care providers and managers


From the pen of the publisher

Introducing the ghosts of October present. . .

"May the balcony of personal reflection be filled with new voices and new conversations to test the assumptions held. May our collective work remind folks who we are here to serve and what the focus is - the Patient Experience! Again, thank you for being part of this discovery series!"
Hugh MacLeod, CEO of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute - patient, husband, father, brother, grandfather and concerned citizen

  1. The Known The Unknown The Unknowable  - Focus: Where is the voice of patients, care providers and middle managers.
  2. Toyota, Air Canada, Best Western Hotels are not ER’s Focus: If aviation, automobile production and hospitality is checkers, healthcare is multidimensional chess.
  3. Creating a Complete Picture  - Focus: Let compassion be our guide and decency for everyone take the lead.
  4. Three Patient and Family Voices 
    • Dare to DreamFocus: Helping to sow the seeds of mutual healing.
    • Listening to MeFocus: Removing the dividing line between patients and providers.
    • Stop Tip ToeingFocus: Silence, unawareness, indifference and complacency are the greatest enemies of patient safety improvement.
  5. Three Care Provider Voices 
  6. Three Manager Voices:
  7. Stop Calling Healthcare a SystemFocus: Order is not imposed, it emerges from the multitude of relationships and interactions between the component parts.
  8. Alignment: a Misunderstood ConceptFocus: We tend to focus almost exclusively on the component of structure.
  9. Let Compassion Be a Guide to Unleash Professional PotentialFocus: Creation of organizational environments which explore and tap the potential of all healthcare providers.
  10. Social Determinants: We Have Work to DoFocus: Why are we still advocating for and planning around a sickness model.
  11. Are We Prepared to See and Leverage the Grey Zone - Focus: Our reality is made up of interconnecting circles of complex activity and yet we think and act in straight lines.
  12. Why Are We Still Looking the Other WayFocus: If we wish improvement at a population level, then we must work at a population level.
  13. The Road to Harm is Paved with Good Intentions - Focus: Honest examples of gaps, while intentions were good
  14. Ghostbusting Series I - SynthesisImplementing Leadership in Healthcare: Guiding Principles and a New Mindset
  15. Engagement, Feedback and Continuous Flow of Information  - Focus: Time to invert the pyramid and place "patient expectations" at the top.
  16. Do You Work Well With Others? It Depends On Whom You Ask – Focus: Teamwork is a hard word – turning theory into practice
  17. Resiliency – Time For a ConversationFocus: What it is and why it is important to understand.
  18. Caring Coping and Crying - Focus: What is it like to be an ICU nurse and cope with the life cycle of: magic, cure, pain, suffering and death?
  19. Health System Relationship-A Paradigm Shift for Safety and Quality - Focus: We do not spend enough time studying and talking about the soft side of healthcare, people and relationships
  20. Ghostbusting Series 2 – Synthesis II - Advancing the Art of Healthcare through Shared Leadership and Cultural Transformation