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From World War to Class War: The Rebound of the Rich

Robert G. Evans


Will Paying the Piper Change the Tune?

Jason M. Sutherland, Morris L. Barer, Robert G. Evans and R. Trafford Crump


A Casualty in the Class War: Canada's Medicare

Robert G. Evans


Examining Primary Healthcare Performance through a Triple Aim Lens     

Bridget L. Ryan, Judith Belle Brown, Richard H. Glazier and Brian Hutchison


Appropriateness for Total Joint Replacement: Perspectives of Decision-Makers     

Nathalie Clavel, Carolyn De Coster, Marie-Pascale Pomey, Claudia Sanmartin, Éric Bohm, Michael J. Dunbar, Cy Frank, Gillian Hawker and Tom Noseworthy


Inappropriate Ambulance Use: A Qualitative Study of Paramedics’ Views     

Deirdre DeJean, Mita Giacomini, Michelle Welsford, Lisa Schwartz and Philip Decicca


De-prescribing: When Less Is More in Healthcare

Jennifer Zelmer




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