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Beyond Pilots: Scaling and Spreading Innovation in Healthcare

Jennifer Zelmer


Migrants, Manpower and Math in the Coming Europe

Robert G. Evans


Incorporating Group Medical Visits into Primary Healthcare: Are There Benefits?     

Sabrina T. Wong, Annette Browne, Josée Lavoie, Martha L.P. Macleod, Meck Chongo and Cathy Ulrich


An Evaluation of In-Person and Online Engagement in Central Newfoundland     

Peter Wilton, Doreen Neville, Rick Audas, Heather Brown and Roger Chafe


From Policy to Practice: Implementation of Treatment for Substance Misuse in Québec Primary Healthcare Clinics     

Serge Maynard, Emily Campbell, Katie Boodhoo, Gail Gauthier, Spyridoula Xenocostas, Dara A. Charney, Kathryn Gill and members of the CIHR Team in Substance Abuse Treatment




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