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Understanding Patient Referral Wait Times for Specialty Care in Ontario: AáRetrospective Chart Audit     

Clare Liddy, Nikhat Nawar, Isabella Moroz, Shelagh Mcrae, Christopher Russell, Ariana Mihan, Fanny Mckellips, Derek McLellan, Lois Crowe, Amir Afkham and Erin Keely


The Medical Devices Special Access Program in Canada: A Scoping Study         

Roland K. Maier, Devidas Menon and Tania Stafinski


Medicine, Body Fluid and Food: The Regulation of Human Donor Milk ináCanada     

Martha J. Paynter and Kathryn Hayward


Research on Human Embryos and Reproductive Materials: Revisiting Canadian Law and Policy         

Ubaka Ogbogu, Amy Zarzeczny, Jay Baltz, Patrick Bedford, Jenny Du, Insoo Hyun, Yasmeen Jaafar, Andrea Jurisicova, Erika Kleiderman, Yonida Koukio, Bartha Maria Knoppers, Arthur Leader, Zubin Master, Minh Thu Nguyen, Forough Noohi, Vardit Ravitsky and Maeghan Toews


Curious Silences in Healthcare Policy andáResearch

Jennifer Zelmer




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