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Primary Care Reform and Service Use by People with Serious Mental Illness in Ontario     

Leah S. Steele, Anna Durbin, Elizabeth Lin, J. Charles Victor, Julie Klein-Geltink, Richard H. Glazier, Brandon Zagorski and Alexander Kopp


Gaps in Primary Healthcare Electronic Medical Record Research and Knowledge:Findings of a Pan-Canadian Study     

Amanda L. Terry, Moira Stewart, Martin Fortin, Sabrina T. Wong, Maureen Kennedy, Fred Burge, Richard Birtwhistle, Inese Grava-Gubins, Greg Webster and Amardeep Thind


Optometry Services in Ontario: Supply- and Demand-Side Factors from 2011 to 2036     

Philip S.J. Leonard, Arthur Sweetman and Xue (Helen) Zhang


Media Coverage of Youth Suicides and Its Impact on Paediatric Mental Health Emergency Department Presentations     

Stephanie L. Leon, Paula Cloutier, Marc-André Bélair and Mario Cappelli


Improving Health Equity: The Promising Role of Community Health Workers in Canada         

Sara Torres, Ronald Labonté, Denise L. Spitzer, Caroline Andrew and Carol Amaratunga




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