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Predicting Patients with High Risk of Becoming High-Cost Healthcare Users in Ontario (Canada)         

Yuriy Chechulin, Amir Nazerian, Saad Rais and Kamil Malikov


Provincial Disparities of Growth Hormone Coverage for Young Adult Survivors of Paediatric Brain Tumours across Canada     

Haroon Hasan, Fuchsia Howard, Steven G. Morgan, Daniel L. Metzger, Sabrina Gill, Michelle Johnson, Andrea Lo and Karen Goddard


Patients’ Perceptions of Joint Replacement Care in a Changing Healthcare System: A Qualitative Study     

Fiona Webster, Samantha Bremner, Joel Katz, Judy Watt-Watson, Deborah Kennedy, Mona Sawhney and Colin McCartney


Examining the Role of Amenable Mortality as an Indicator of Health System Effectiveness     

Sara Allin and Michel Grignon


da Vinci Revisited: Building Momentum for Action

Jennifer Zelmer




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