Vol. 6 Special Issue | Going for the Gold



A Shining Light in Canada's Health Information System

Michael Wolfson



Alan Katz


Keynote Presentations

Administrative Data and the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy: Some Reflections

Noralou P. Roos and Leslie L. Roos


The Manitoba Centre for Health Policy: A Case Study

Gail Marchessault


Straw into Gold: Lessons Learned (and Still Being Learned) at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy

Patricia J. Martens


The Role of Administrative Record Linkage in Creating Trajectories of Early Human Development

Clyde Hertzman


Can Joined-Up Data Lead to Joined-Up Thinking? The Western Australian Developmental Pathways Project

Fiona Stanley, Rebecca Glauert, Anne Mckenzie and Melissa O'Donnell


How Has Health Services Research Made a Difference?

Steven Lewis


Brief Workshop Reports

Panning for Population Gold: 20 Years of Research at MCHP

Randall Fransoo, Gail Marchessault, Charlyn Black and Carolyn Decoster


The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts: Using Data Linkage and Cohort Designs to Create Data Synergy at MCHP

Gregory S. Finlayson, Lisa M. Lix and Leslie L. Roos


Taking It to the Streets: Figuring Out and Communicating What's Really Important in Children's Health and Well-being Research

Noralou P. Roos, Jane Freemantle, Gerald Farthing and Jim Carr


Clinical Research at MCHP Over the Next 20 Years

Alan Katz, Allan Garland, Bill Leslie and Mike Moffatt


Using Administrative Data to Study Child Health

Marni Brownell, Anita Kozyrskyj, Don Fuchs and Rob Santos


International Health Data Linkage Network

Merran Smith, James Semmens, Diana Rosman, Jane Ford, Catherine Storey, C. D'Arcy J. Holman, Emma Fuller and Victoria Gray


Dancing with the Media – Be Careful Not to Step on Your Partner's Toes: The Challenge of Working with the Media to Share Research Findings with the Public

Jack Rach, Mary Agnes Welch, Richard Cloutier and Malcolm Doupe


Seeking the Balance between Harm and Benefit: The Role of Pharmacosurveillance in Choosing the Drugs We Should Take

Colleen Metge, Ingrid Sketris and Silvia Alessi-Severini


Expanding the Data Repository: New Technology and Resources for the 21st Century

Mark Smith, Leslie L. Roos and Charles Burchill


Beyond Administrative Data: A Vision for Health Information Systems for Canada

Alan Katz, Louis Barré, Tom Fogg and Steven Lewis


The Inside Story: Knowledge Translation Lessons from the Need to Know Team

Randall Fransoo, Patricia J. Martens, Suzanne Dick, Tannis Erickson, Deborah Malazdrewicz, Elaine Burland and Pearl Soltys


Healthcare Services for an Aging Population: Using Administrative Data to Help Prepare for the Future

Malcolm Doupe, Evelyn Shapiro and Real Cloutier


Healthcare Policy





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