Vol. 8 No. 2 2012



An Ounce of Prevention

Jennifer Zelmer


The Undisciplined Economist

Putting Some Mustard into Economic Growth

Robert G. Evans


Discussion and Debate

Disproportionate Organizational Injustice: A Close Look at Facilities Exempted from Indoor Smoking Laws in Canada    

Mohammed Al-Hamdani


Data Matters

Public Payments to Physicians in Ontario Adjusted for Overhead Costs    

Jeremy Petch, Irfan A. Dhalla, David A. Henry, Susan E. Schultz, Richard H Glazier, Sacha Bhatia and Andreas Laupacis


Knowledge Translation, Linkage and Exchange

Making Evidence on Health Policy Issues Accessible to the Media        

Noralou P. Roos, Kathleen O'Grady, Sharon Manson Singer, Shannon Turczak and Camilla Tapp


Research Paper

MotherFirst: Developing a Maternal Mental Health Strategy in Saskatchewan    

Lindsey Bruce, Daniel Béland and Angela Bowen


Developing Primary Care: The Contribution of Primary Care Research Networks    

Stephen Peckham and Brian Hutchison


Inequity in Access to Guideline-Recommended Colorectal Cancer Treatment in Nova Scotia, Canada    

André R. Maddison, Yukiko Asada, Robin Urquhart, Grace Johnston, Frederick Burge and Geoff Porter


Metrics Survey of Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials in Canada and Comparator Jurisdictions between 2005 and 2010        

Jean-Marie Leclerc, Normand Laberge and Jean Marion


Variations in Patients’ Assessment of Chronic Illness Care across Organizational Models of Primary Healthcare: A Multilevel Cohort Analysis    

Jean-Frédéric Lévesque, Debbie Ehrmann Feldman, Valérie Lemieux, André Tourigny, Jean-Pierre Lavoie and Pierre Tousignant


Healthcare Policy





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