Vol. 10 Special Issue | Approaches to Accountability



Accountability in Healthcare Organizations and Systems         

Jean-Louis Denis



Thinking about Accountability         

Raisa B. Deber


Research Paper

Acute Care Hospitals’ Accountability to Provincial Funders         

Seija K. Kromm, G. Ross Baker, Walter P. Wodchis and Raisa B. Deber


Hospitals’ Internal Accountability         

Nancy Kraetschmer, Janak Jass, Cheryl Woodman, Irene Koo, Seija K. Kromm and Raisa B. Deber


Accountability in the Ontario Cancer Services System: A Qualitative Study of System Leaders’ Perspectives         

Jessica Bytautas, Mark Dobrow, Terrence Sullivan and Adalsteinn Brown


Home and Community Care Sector Accountability         

Carolyn Steele Gray, Whitney Berta, Raisa B. Deber and Janet Lum


Accountability through Regulation in Ontario’s Medical Laboratory Sector         

Brenda Gamble, Lavern Bourne and Raisa B. Deber


Hopes and Realities of Public Health Accountability Policies         

Robert Schwartz, Alex Price, Raisa B. Deber, Heather Manson and Fran Scott


Accountability and Primary Healthcare         

Shaheena Mukhi, Jan Barnsley and Raisa B. Deber


Accountability in the City of Toronto’s 10 Long-Term Care Homes         

Lindsay Wyers, Brenda Gamble and Raisa B. Deber


Ensuring Accountability through Health Professional Regulatory Bodies: The Case of Conflict of Interest         

Debra Zelisko, Andrea Baumann, Brenda Gamble, Audrey Laporte and Raisa B. Deber


Research Paper

Accountability: The Challenge for Medical and Nursing Regulators         

Andrea Baumann, Patricia Norman, Jennifer Blythe, Sarah Kratina and Raisa B. Deber


Approaches to Accountability in Long-Term Care         

Whitney Berta, Audrey Laporte and Walter P. Wodchis



How Do the Approaches to Accountability Compare for Charities Working in International Development?         

David Kirsch


The Accreditation Canada Program: A Complementary Tool to Promote Accountability in Canadian Healthcare         

Jonathan I. Mitchell, Wendy Nicklin and Bernadette MacDonald


Accountability in the UK Healthcare System: An Overview         

Stephen Peckham



What Have We Learned from the Substudies?         

Raisa B. Deber


Healthcare Policy


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