Vol. 11 No. 3, 2016



De-prescribing: When Less Is More in Healthcare

Jennifer Zelmer


Knowledge Translation, Linkage And Exchange

Usefulness of a KT Event to Address Practice and Policy Gaps Related to Integrated Care        

Karen Jackson, Omenaa Boakye and Nicole Wallace


Research Paper

Examining Primary Healthcare Performance through a Triple Aim Lens        

Bridget L. Ryan, Judith Belle Brown, Richard H. Glazier and Brian Hutchison


Cross Border Healthcare Requests to Publicly Funded Healthcare Insurance: Empirical Analysis        

Lydia Stewart Ferreira


Patient Satisfaction with Wait-Times for Breast Cancer Surgery in Newfoundland and Labrador        

Maria Mathews, Dana Ryan, Vereesh Gadag and Roy West


Impact of Type of Medical Specialist Involvement in Chronic Illness Care on Emergency Department Use        

Jean-Louis Larochelle, Debbie Ehrmann Feldman and Jean-Frédéric Levesque


Inappropriate Ambulance Use: A Qualitative Study of Paramedics’ Views        

Deirdre DeJean, Mita Giacomini, Michelle Welsford, Lisa Schwartz and Philip Decicca


Appropriateness for Total Joint Replacement: Perspectives of Decision-Makers        

Nathalie Clavel, Carolyn De Coster, Marie-Pascale Pomey, Claudia Sanmartin, Éric Bohm, Michael J. Dunbar, Cy Frank, Gillian Hawker and Tom Noseworthy


Healthcare Policy





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