Vol. 12 No. 2, 2016



Better Science, Better Science Reporting

Jennifer Zelmer


Discussion and Debate

Doctors, Lawyers and Advance Care Planning: Time for Innovation to Work Together to Meet Client Needs        

Nola M. Ries, Maureen Douglas, Jessica Simon and Konrad Fassbender


Research Paper

Stepping Up to the Plate: An Agenda for Research and Policy Action on Electronic Medical Records in Canadian Primary Healthcare        

Amanda L. Terry, Moira Stewart, Martin Fortin, Sabrina T. Wong, Inese Grava-Gubins, Lisa Ashley, Patricia Sullivan-Taylor, Frank Sullivan and Amardeep Thind


Primary Care Performance Measurement and Reporting at a Regional Level: Could a Matrix Approach Provide Actionable Information for Policy Makers and Clinicians?        

Julia M. Langton, Sabrina T. Wong, Sharon Johnston, Julia Abelson, Mehdi Ammi, Fred Burge, John Campbell, Jeannie Haggerty, William Hogg, Walter P. Wodchis and Kimberlyn Mcgrail


What’s Measured Is Not Necessarily What Matters: A Cautionary Story from Public Health        

Raisa Deber and Robert Schwartz


How Safe and Innovative Are First-in-Class Drugs Approved by Health Canada: A Cohort Study        

Joel Lexchin


Variation in Emergency Department Transfer Rates from Nursing Homes in Ontario, Canada        

Andrea Gruneir, Susan E. Bronskill, Alice Newman, Chaim M. Bell, Peter Gozdyra, Geoffrey M. Anderson and Paula A. Rochon


Online Exclusive

Designing Integrated Approaches to Support People with Multimorbidity: Key Messages from Systematic Reviews, Health System Leaders and Citizens        

Michael G. Wilson, John N. Lavis and Francois-Pierre Gauvin


A Review of Discharge Prediction Processes in Acute Care Hospitals        

Anna de Grood, Kenneth Blades and Sachin R. Pendharkar


Healthcare Policy





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