Vol. 12 No. 3, 2017


From the Editor-in-Chief

How We Will, Not Whether We Can: Improving Health and Healthcare

Jennifer Zelmer


Discussion and Debate

The Value of Qualitative Description in Health Services and Policy Research        

Roger Chafe


Research Paper

Facilitative Components of Collaborative Learning: A Review of Nine Health Research Networks        

Lisa LeRoy, Jessica Levin Rittner, Karin E. Johnson, Jessie Gerteis and Therese Miller


Assessing Continuous Quality Improvement in Public Health: Adapting Lessons from Healthcare        

Alex Price, Robert Schwartz, Joanna Cohen, Heather Manson and Fran Scott


Towards Integrating Primary Care with Cancer Care: A Regional Study of Current Gaps and Opportunities in Canada        

Jonathan Sussman, Daryl Bainbridge and William K. Evans


Establishing a Primary Care Performance Measurement Framework for Ontario        

Wissam Haj-Ali and Brian Hutchison


Location, Location, Location: Characteristics and Services of Long-Stay Home Care Recipients in Retirement Homes Compared to Others in Private Homes and Long-Term Care Homes        

Jeffrey W. Poss, Chi-Ling Joanna Sinn, Galina Grinchenko, Jane Blums, Tom Peirce and John Hirdes


Estimating the Cost of Cancer Care in British Columbia and Ontario: A Canadian Inter-Provincial Comparison        

Claire De Oliveira, Reka Pataky, Karen E. Bremner, Jagadish Rangrej, Kelvin K.W. Chan, Winson Y. Cheung, Jeffrey S. Hoch, Stuart Peacock and Murray D. Krahn


Healthcare Policy





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