Vol. 13 No. 1, 2017



Health and Healthcare in Canada 150 Years After Confederation and Beyond

Jennifer Zelmer


Discussion and Debate

The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Canadian Government: Folie à Deux    

Joel Lexchin


Research Paper

Marijuana Use and Perceptions of Risk and Harm: A Survey among Canadians in 2016        

Eldon Spackman, Rebecca Haines-Saah, Vishva M. Danthurebandara, Laura E. Dowsett, Tom Noseworthy and Fiona M. Clement


An Integrated Needs-Based Approach to Health Service and Health Workforce Planning: Applications for Pandemic Influenza    

Gail Tomblin Murphy, Stephen Birch, Adrian Mackenzie, Janet Rigby and Joanne Langley


Is Canadian Healthcare Affordable? A Comparative Analysis of the Canadian Healthcare System from 2004 to 2014    

Lesley J.J. Soril, Ted Adams, Madeleine Phipps-Taylor, Ulrika Winblad and Fiona M. Clement


Ranked Performance of Canada’s Health System on the International Stage: A Scoping Review    

Said Ahmad Maisam Najafizada, Thushara Sivanandan, Kelly Hogan and Deborah Cohen


Exploring Context and the Factors Shaping Team-Based Primary Healthcare Policies in Three Canadian Provinces: A Comparative Analysis    

Renée Misfeldt, Esther Suter, Sara Mallinson, Omenaa Boakye, Sabrina Wong and Louise Nasmith


Healthcare Policy





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