Vol. 13 No. 4, 2018


From the Editor-in-Chief

Cybersecurity in Health: A 21st Century Imperative

Jennifer Zelmer


Discussion and Debate

What’s Canadian about Medicare? A Comparative Perspective on Health Policy    

Carolyn Hughes Tuohy


Ontario and New Zealand Pharmaceuticals: Cost and Coverage    

Leah T. Kelley, Tim Tenbensel and Ana Johnson


Research Paper

An Exploration of the Content and Usability of Web-Based Resources Used by Individuals to Find and Access Family Physicians    

Karen L. Tang, Fartoon Siad, Dima Arafah and Jocelyn Lockyer


Tokenism and Mending Fences: How Rural Male Farmers and Their Health Needs Are Discussed in Health Policy and Planning Documents    

Bradley Hiebert, Sandra Regan and Beverly Leipert


Centralized Waiting Lists for Unattached Patients in Primary Care: Learning from an Intervention Implemented in Seven Canadian Provinces        

Mylaine Breton, Sabrina T. Wong, Mélanie Ann Smithman, Sara Kreindler, Jalila Jbilou, Jason Sutherland, Astrid Brousselle, Jay Shaw, Valorie A. Crooks, Damien Contandriopoulos, Martin Sasseville and Michael Green


Healthcare Policy





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