Vol. 1 No. 4 2006


Editorial: The Journal's First Year

Brian Hutchison


The Undisciplined Economist

High Reliability versus High Autonomy: Dryden, Murphy and Patient Safety

Robert G. Evans, Karen Cardiff and Sam Sheps


Discussion and Debate

Research Output of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry: Where Has All the R&D Gone?

Norman Kalant and Ian Shrier


Data Matters

Missed Opportunity: Patients Who Leave Emergency Departments without Being Seen

Akerke Baibergenova, Kira Leeb, Aleksandra Jokovic and Sharon Gushue


Linkage and Exchange

The Manitoba First Nations Centre for Aboriginal Health Research: Knowledge Translation with Indigenous Communities

Brenda Elias and John O'Neil


Untangling the Web

Organization and Dissemination of Working Knowledge

Leslie l. Roos, Lisa Lix, Ruth Bond and Stephanie Smith


Research Paper

The Research Collective: A Tool for Producing Timely, Context-linked Research Syntheses

Raynald Pineault, Pierre Tousignant, Danièle Roberge, Paul Lamarche, Daniel Reinharz, Danielle Larouche, Ginette Beaulne and Dominique Lesage



The Research Collective: A Model for Developing Timely, Contextually Relevant and Dynamic Approaches to Research Synthesis?

Charlyn Black


The Research Collective: Bridging the Chasm

Jim MacLean and Marsha Barnes


Research Paper

Performance Measurement in Healthcare: Part I - Concepts and Trends from a State of the Science Review

Carol E. Adair, Elizabeth Simpson, Ann L. Casebeer, Judith M. Birdsell, Katharine A. Hayden and Steven Lewis


The Impact of Implementing Managed Competition on Home Care Workers' Turnover Decisions

Margaret Denton, Isik Urla Zeytinoglu, Sharon Davies and Danielle Hunter


Healthcare Policy





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