Vol. 3 Special Issue | Regional Training Centres


Guest Editorial

The Regional Training Centre: If We Build It [Well], They Will Come

Patricia J. Martens


To Boldly Go: A Partnership Enterprise to Produce Applied Health and Nursing Services Researchers in Canada

Patricia Conrad


Different Roads, Same Destination: Launching Regional Training Centres

Tarah Brachman, Cathy Peyton, Nathalie Folch and Miguel A. Perez


An Interdisciplinary Approach to Capacity Building in Applied Research

Clémence Dallaire, Kim A. Critchley, Sam Sheps and Rhonda Cockerill


"Between Two Worlds": Healthcare Decision-maker Engagement with Regional Training Centres

Sam Sheps, Raymond W. Pong, Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay and Debbie MacLellan


Knowledge to Action: The Development of Training Strategies

Danielle D'Amour, Vianne Timmons, Sam Sheps and Barbara Davies


University Collaboration in Delivering Applied Health and Nursing Services Research Training

Alba DiCenso, Danielle D'Amour, Anne J. Kearney and Sam Sheps


The Fourth-Year Review: Different Paths to Success

Ken G. Davey and Jack L. Altman


Does It Matter? Decision-maker Perceptions on the Impact of the Regional Training Centres

Thomas Rathwell, Pat Lee and Darryl Sturtevant


A Foot in Both Camps: Graduate Voices at the Interface of Applied Health Services Research, Policy and Decision-making

Erin Morrison, Jennifer Thornhill and Sam Sheps


The Future of the Regional Training Centres: Planning for Sustainability

William Montelpare, Edmund Biden, Pat Lee, Sam Sheps, Carl-Ardy Dubois and Isabelle Brault



Vianne Timmons


Healthcare Policy


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