Vol. 4 No. 4 2009



Jennifer Zelmer


Publisher's Note

Jennifer Zelmer: Healthcare Policy's New Editor-in-Chief

Anton Hart


The Undisciplined Economist

Dismal Science

Robert G. Evans


Discussion and Debate

"An Honest Tale Speeds Best, Being Plainly Told": Another Look at Health Spending and the Supply of Physicians

Darrell Thomson and Jonathan D. Agnew


La santé en situation linguistique minoritaire        

Louise Bouchard, Isabelle Gaboury, Marie-Hélène Chomienne, Anne Gilbert and Lise Dubois


Data Matters

The Ontario New Graduate Nursing Initiative: An Exploratory Process Evaluation

Janice Beaty, Wendy Young, Marlene Slepkov and Winston Isaac and Sue Matthews


Knowledge Translation, Linkage and Exchange

Rethinking How We Replace Knees and Hips

Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute


Retaining Institutional Wisdom: Using an Evidence-Informed Approach to Transfer Knowledge from Experienced Nurses to New Nursing Staff

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation


Research Papers

Sorry, You Can't Have That Information: Data Holder Confusion Regarding Privacy Requirements for Personal Health Information and the Potential Chilling Effect on Health Research        

Daryl Pullman, Sharon K. Buehler, Larry Felt, Katherine Gallagher, Jeannie House, T. Montgomery Keough, Lucy McDonald, Angela Power, Ann Ryan and Roy West


Adverse Event Reporting for Herbal Medicines: A Result of Market Forces

Rishma Walji, Heather Boon, Joanne Barnes, Zubin Austin, G. Ross Baker and Sandy Welsh


Gone South: Why Canadian Nurses Migrate to the United States

Linda McGillis Hall, George H. Pink, Cheryl Jones, Peggy Leatt, Michael Gates, Leah Pink, Jessica Peterson and Lisa Seto


Office Home Care Workers' Occupational Health: Associations with Workplace Flexibility and Worker Insecurity

Isik U. Zeytinoglu, Margaret Denton and Sharon Davies


The Gatekeeper System and Disparities in Use of Psychiatric Care by Neighbourhood Education Level: Results of a Nine-Year Cohort Study in Toronto

Leah S. Steele, Richard H. Glazier, Mohammad Agha and Rahim Moineddin


Forecasting the Need for Dialysis Services in Ontario, Canada to 2011

Robert R. Quinn, Andreas Laupacis, Janet E. Hux, Rahim Moineddin, Michael Paterson and Matthew J. Oliver


Breadth, Depth and Agreement among Provincial Formularies in Canada        

Steve Morgan, Gillian Hanley, Colette Raymond and Régis Blais


Le renforcement de l'interface entre les services de santé publique et de première ligne : enjeux et pistes de solution

Daniel Paquette and Daniel Reinharz


Healthcare Policy





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