Call for Abstracts 

The editors of Healthcare Quarterly are pleased to announce a new quarterly series profiling quality improvement initiatives that have demonstrated improvement in the delivery of health services. Click here for information on submitting an abstract.

Featured Articles

Going Beyond the 9-1-1 Call – What BC Emergency Health Services is doing to Improve Timely Access to Emergency Care     

Kerry Campbell, Jessica Jaiven, Kimberly Banfield, Corinne Begg, Janice Butler and Leanne Thain


Coding Accuracy for Outpatient Ophthalmic Surgery: St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton     

Nina Ahuja


Code Grey: Stained Surgical Instruments and Their Impact on One Canadian Health Authority     

Rob Kean, Ron Johnson and Michael Doyle


Monitoring Receptivity to Online Health Messages by Tracking Daily Web Traffic Engagement Patterns: A Review of More than 13 Million US Web Exposures over 1,235 Days     

Neil Seeman and Bob Seeman


Using Mobile Apps to Communicate Vaccination Records: A City-wide Evaluation with A National Immunization App, Maternal Child Registry and Public Health Authorities     

Katherine M. Atkinson, Ziad El-Khatib, Geoffery Barnum, Cameron Bell, Marie-Claude Turcotte, Malia S.Q. Murphy, Mari Teitelbaum, Pranesh Chakraborty, Lucie Laflamme and Kumanan Wilson


Partnering with Patients: The Toronto Central LHIN Telehomecare Experience     

Josie Barbita and Susana Neves-Silva


A Model for Developing Clinical Analytics Capacity: Closing the Loops on Outcomes to Optimize Quality     

Corinne Eggert, Kenneth Moselle, Denis Protti and Dale Sanders


The Ted Freedman Award for Innovation in Education 2017




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