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The Development of a Quality Management Framework for Evaluating Medical Device Reprocessing Practice in Healthcare Facilities     

Bailey Lorv, Robin Horodyski, Cynthia Welton, John Vail, Luca Simonetto, Danilo Jokanovic, Richa Sharma, Angela Rea Mahoney, Shay Savoy-Bird and Shalu Bains


Emergency Department Use: Influence of Connection to a Family Physician on ED Use and Attempts to Avoid Presentation     

Lynette D. Krebs, Scott W. Kirkland, Cristina Villa-Roel, Alan Davidson, Britt Voaklander, Taylor Nikel, Rajiv Chetram, Stephanie Couperthwaite, Garnet Cummings and Brian H. Rowe


Principles for Health System Capacity Planning: Insights for Healthcare Leaders     

James Shaw, Ivy Wong, Bailey Griffin, Michael Robertson and R. Sacha Bhatia




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