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BOOMR: Better Coordinated Cross-Sectoral Medication Reconciliation for Residential Care     

Vincent Vuong, Denis O’Donnell, Hrishikesh Navare, Debra Merrill, Michal Racki, Sheila Burton, Lori Anderson and Carla Beaton


Early Rehabilitation for Patients with Hip Fractures: Spreading Change Across the System     

Charissa Levy, Sharon Ocampo-Chan, Linda Huestis and Donna Renzetti


The PoET (Prevention of Error-based Transfers) Project     

Jill Oliver and Paula Chidwick


Optimizing Transitions of Care – Hospital to Community     

Emily Sheridan, Christine Thompson, Tania Pinheiro, Nicole Robinson, Karen Davies and Nancy Whitmore


Patient-Centred Care in Canada: Key Components and the Path Forward     

Terrence Montague, Amédé Gogovor, John Aylen, Lisa Ashley, Sara Ahmed, Lesli Martin, Bonnie Cochrane, Owen Adams and Joanna Nemis-White


The Case for Quality Improvement

Christina Krause


The Effect of Language on Hospital Inpatient Length of Stay     

Nirbhai Singh Pannu, Alexandra Hill-Mann and Gurwinder Gill




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