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Special Focus on Family Caregiving

Vida Vaitonis


Caring for Caregivers: Facing up to Tough Challenges     

A. Paul Williams, Allie Peckham, Jillian Watkins, Natalie Warrick, Tommy Tam, David Rudoler and Karen Spalding


Caring for Caregivers of High-Needs Older Persons     

Natalie Warrick, Allie Peckham, Jillian Watkins, Marija Padjen and A. Paul Williams


Caring for Caregivers of High-Needs Children     

Allie Peckham, Karen Spalding, Jillian Watkins, Cindy Bruce-Barrett, Marta Grasic and A. Paul Williams


The Safety at Home Study: An Evidence Base for Policy and Practice Change     

Diane Doran, Régis Blais, G. Ross Baker, Margaret B. Harrison, Ariella Lang, Marilyn Macdonald, Julie McShane and Tieghan Killackey





Measuring Maturity of Use for Electronic Medical Records in British Columbia: The Physician Information Technology Office         

Carol Rimmer, Simon Hagens, Anne Baldwin and Carol J. Anderson


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