Vol. 14 Special Issue 3 | Child Health in Canada


The Editor's Letter

Mary Jo Haddad


Reflections on Knowledge Translation in Canadian NICUs Using the EPIQ Method

Catherine M.G. Cronin, G. Ross Baker, Shoo K. Lee, Arne Ohlsson, Douglas D. McMillan, Mary M.K. Seshia and The Canadian Neonatal Network EPIQ Study Group*


Combining Vision with Evidence for Child Health and Well-Being Indicators in British Columbia

Eric Young, Michael Egilson, Nancy Gault and Bernie PaillÚ


Managing Strategy to Enhance Care for Children

Aaron Smith, Jeff Mainland and Irene Blais


Pediatric Surgical Capacity and Demand: Analysis Reveals a Modest Gap in Capacity and Additional Efficiency Opportunities

Tamas Fixler, Rena J. Menaker, Geoffrey K. Blair and James G. Wright


Waiting for What? An Inquiry into the Fundamental Questions of How to Fix Adolescent Mental Healthcare

Karen Minden and Samantha Yamada


The RICHER Social Pediatrics Model: Fostering Access and Reducing Inequities in Children's Health

M. Judith Lynam, Lorine Scott, Christine Loock and Sabrina T. Wong


Hospital-Based Inter-professional Strategy to Reduce In-patient Admissions and Emergency Department Visits for Pediatric Asthma

Karen Fleming, Brian Kuzik and Chee Chen


Enhancing Cultural Competence for Improved Access to Quality Care

Karima Karmali, Linda Grobovsky, Jennifer Levy and Margaret Keatings


The Human Factor of Implementing a Quality Improvement Initiative Using Lean Methodology within the Healthcare Sector

Finding a Balance between "Value Added" and Feeling Valued: Revising Models of Care

Rachel Deans and Shawna Wade


Integrated Complex Care Model: Lessons Learned from Inter-organizational Partnership

Eyal Cohen, Cindy Bruce-Barrett, Shauna Kingsnorth, Krista Keilty, Anna Cooper and Stacey Daub


Tools for Addressing Systems Issues in Transition

Khush Amaria, Jennifer Stinson, Geraldine Cullen-Dean, Karen Sappleton and Miriam Kaufman


Kids in Transition: The Rehab Experience

Cindy Bruce-Barrett, Alastair Hodinott, Arbelle Manicat-Emo, Tonya Flaming, Daune MacGregor, Iris Hogan, Chris Carew and Sandi Cox


Canada and the World: A Comparative Approach to Injury Prevention

Pamela Fuselli and Amy Wanounou


Fetal Fibronectin Testing in Ontario: Successful Government-Sector Collaboration to Achieve High-Quality and Sustainable System Change

Charlotte Moore Hepburn and Marilyn Booth


Training Care Teams of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Positive Behaviour Support: An Innovative Approach

Shawn Reynolds, Shane Lynch and Sandy Litman


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