Vol. 15 Special Issue | Toward Performance and Quality


Letter from the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

Deb Matthews


Towards Performance And Quality

The Journey toward High Performance and Excellent Quality

Adalsteinn Brown, G. Ross Baker, Tom Closson and Terrence Sullivan


Patient-Centred Care

Patient-and Family-Centredness: Growing a Sustainable Culture

Barbara Balik


A Relentless Commitment to Improvement: The Guelph General Hospital Experience

Esther Green and Richard Ernst


Public Engagement in Ontario's Hospitals – Opportunities and Challenges

Karen Born and Andreas Laupacis


Organization Culture and Managerial Discipline Key to Quality Improvement: The Mount Sinai Hospital Experience

Esther Green and Joe Mapa


Successful Quality Councils

A Ten-Year History: The Cancer Quality Council of Ontario

Rebecca Anas, Robert Bell, Adalsteinn Brown, William Evans and Carol Sawka


Aligning and Pursuing Quality Goals: The Role of Health Quality Ontario

Anthony Dale and Ben Chan


It's about the Relationships: Reflections from a Provincial Quality Council on Building a Better Healthcare System

Bonnie Brossart


Engaging Leadership

The Excellent Care for All Act's Quality Improvement Plans: Reflections on the First Year

Sudha Kutty, Nizar Ladak, Cyrelle Muskat, Jillian Paul and Margo Orchard


The Crucial Role of Clinician Engagement in System-Wide Quality Improvement: The Cancer Care Ontario Experience

Carol Sawka, Jillian Ross, John Srigley and Jonathan Irish


Engaging Clinicians through Intrinsic Incentives

Chris Carruthers and Wendy Levinson


Governance for Quality and Patient Safety: The Impact of the Ontario Excellent Care for All Act, 2010

G. Ross Baker and Anu MacIntosh-Murray


Improving Care for British Columbians: The Critical Role of Physician Engagement

Julian Marsden, Marlies van Dijk, Peter Doris, Christina Krause and Doug Cochrane


Clinicians as Designers and Leaders of Quality Improvement

Chris Carruthers and Ward Flemons


Linking Evidence And Quality

Supporting the Use of Research Evidence in the Canadian Health Sector

Michael Wilson, John Lavis and Jeremy Grimshaw


Bringing Evidence to Healthcare Decision Making

Charles Wright and Brian O'Rourke


Evidence and Quality, Practicalities and Judgments: Some Experience from NICE

Anthony Culyer and Michael Rawlins


Stronger Policy through Evidence

Charles Wright and Les Levin


Perspectives On The Excellent Care For All Act

Who Doesn't Deserve Excellent Care?

Sherri Huckstep, Debra Yearwood and Judith Shamian


Building Better Healthcare Facilities through Evidence-Based Design: Breaking New Ground at Vancouver Island Health Authority

Howard Waldner, Bart Johnson and Blair Sadler


Quality Legislation: Lessons for Ontario from Abroad

Jérémy Veillard, Brenda Tipper and Niek Klazinga


Healthcare Quarterly


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