Vol. 18 No. 3 2015


From the Editors


ICES Report

Rheumatoid Arthritis Surveillance in Ontario: Monitoring the Burden, Quality of Care and Patient Outcomes through Linkage of Administrative Health Data

Jessica Widdifield, Sasha Bernatsky, Claire Bombardier and Michael Paterson


CIHI Survey

Physician Follow-up after Hospital Discharge in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Mark McPherson, Hani Abushomar, Sharon Gushue, Chelsea Taylor, Xi-Kuan Chen and Katerina Gapanenko



In conversation with Louise Bradley

Ken Tremblay


Delivering Care In The Community

Contributions and Challenges of Non-Professional Patient Care: A Key Component of Contemporary Canadian Healthcare    

Terrence Montague, Amédé Gogovor, Sara Ahmed, Emily Torr, John Aylen, Lucas Marshall, Nadine Henningsen and Joanna Nemis-White; for the 2013-2014 Health Care in Canada Survey Members


Changing the Conversation with Home Care Clients    

Anne Wojtak and Joy Klopp


Community Pharmacy Practice Barriers in Preventing Drug Misuse, Divergence and Overdose: A Focus Group Study    

Christine Leong, Jitender Sareen, Murray W. Enns, James Bolton and Silvia Alessi-Severini


Caring For Complex Patients

A Patient-Centred Redesign Framework to Support System-Level Process Changes for Multimorbidities and Chronic Conditions    

Tara Sampalli, Lynn Edwards, Erin Christian, Graeme Kohler, Lisa Bedford, Jillian Demmons, Jennifer Verma, Rick Gibson and Shannon Ryan Carson


A Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Corridor© Approach to Supporting System-Level Transformations for Chronic Conditions    

Tara Sampalli, Erin Christian, Lynn Edwards and Ashley Ryer


Patient Safety

Improving Quality and Safety through Positive Patient Identification    

Kerry Campbell, Allison Muniak, Sarah Rothwell, Linda Dempster, Jacqueline Per and Kelly Barr


Security Metrics

Developing a Security Metrics Scorecard for Healthcare Organizations    

Heba Elrefaey, Elizabeth Borycki and Andrea Kushniruk


Changing Practice

Can Spine Surgery Be Done as an Outpatient Procedure at a University Health Sciences Centre?    

Abdu Albargi and David Yen


Patient Experience

Understanding Patient Experience Using Internet-based Email Surveys: A Feasibility Study at Mount Sinai Hospital     

Matthew Morgan, Davina Lau, Tanaz Jivraj, Tania Principi, Sandra Dietrich and Chaim M. Bell


Healthcare Quarterly





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