Vol. 18 No. 4 2016



From the Editors



Influencing Change: Preparing the Next Generation of Clinicians to Practice in the Digital Age

Cynthia Baker, Maureen Charlebois, Harold Lopatka, Geneviève Moineau and Jennifer Zelmer


ICES Report

Opioid Use and Overdose: What We’ve Learned in Ontario

Tara Gomes and David N. Juurlink


CIHI Survey

Trends in Income-Related Health Inequalities in Canada

Jean Harvey, Geoffrey Hynes and Erin Pichora



In Conversation with Ray Racette

Ken Tremblay


Leadership Perspective

The Puck Stops Here: Taking Organizational Accountability Seriously    

Stephen Pinney and Anita Ho


The Upstream Hospital Leader: Taking Action to Improve Population Health    

Ross Graham and Ryan Meili


Leading Integrated Health and Social Care Systems: Perspectives from Research and Practice    

Jenna Evans, Stacey Daub, Jodeme Goldhar, Anne Wojtak and Dipti Purbhoo


The Physician Quality Improvement Initiative: Engaging Physicians in Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Accountability and their Provision of High-Quality Patient Care    

Kirsten Wentlandt, Niki Degendorfer, Catherine Clarke, Hayley Panet, Jim Worthington, Richard F. McLean and Charles K.N. Chan


Patient Self-Management

Conducting Effective Physician Performance Feedback: A Primer for Healthcare Leaders    

Amy H. Y. Cheng, Jason Manayathu, Douglas Sinclair, D. Elizabeth Tullis and Glen Bandiera


Self-Management Support in Chronic Care: Practice Implementation Lessons for Healthcare Providers from an Atlantic Collaborative    

Claudia Amar, Jenn Verma, Darla King, Donna MacAusland, Therese Harper and Michael Vallis


Engaging Patients in Online Self-Care Technologies for Chronic Disease Management    

Peter Picton, Sara Urowitz, David Wiljer and Joseph A. Cafazzo


Micro Data: Wearable Devices Contribution to Improved Chronic Disease Management    

Bob Parke and Andria Bianchi


Patient Safety

Patient Safety Incident Reporting: Current Trends and Gaps Within the Canadian Health System    

Sarah Boucaud and Danielle Dorschner


Workplace Health

GET POKED: Comparing an Incentive-Based Flu Campaign with Vaccinate-or-Mask Policies to Boost Influenza Vaccination Rates Among Healthcare Workers    

Seema Marwaha, Bailey Lorv, Susanne Henseleit and Ngozi Iroanyah


Changing Practice

A Dozen Strategies along the Ten Steps Baby-Friendly Initiative Journey    

Ann Salvador, Louise Dumas, Barbara Davies, Marie-Josée Emard and Kim Lortie


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