Vol. 19 No. 2 2016



From the Editor

G. Ross Baker


ICES Report

Epidemiology of Fracture in Adults from Ontario, Canada, with Chronic Kidney Disease: An Examination of Fracture Burden Using Administrative Health Data

Kyla L. Naylor, Amit X. Garg, S. Joseph Kim and Gregory A. Knoll


CIHI Survey

Care for Patients with Complex Needs: Canadian Results from the Commonwealth Fund 2015 International Health Policy Survey of Primary Care Physicians

Christina Lawand, Geoff Paltser, Grace Cheung and Alison Ytsma



The Challenge Before Us        

Renee Lyons


Patient-Centred Care in Complexity and Multimorbidity

What Gets in the Way of Person-Centred Care for People with Multimorbidity? Lessons from Ontario, Canada        

Kerry Kuluski, Allie Peckham, A. Paul Williams and Ross E.G. Upshur


Understanding Clinical Complexity the Hard Way: A Primary Care Journey        

Ross E.G. Upshur


eHealth Advances in Support of People with Complex Care Needs: Case Examples from Canada, Scotland and the US        

Carolyn Steele Gray, Stewart Mercer, Ted Palen, Brian McKinstry and Anne Hendry on behalf of The Multi-National eHealth Research Partnership Supporting Complex Chronic Disea


Improving Evidence and Measures of Performance

Applying Clinical Practice Guidelines to the Complex Patient: Insights for Practice and Policy from Stroke Rehabilitation        

Michelle L.A. Nelson, Agnes Grudniewicz and Sarah Albadry


Performance Measurement for People with Multimorbidity and Complex Health Needs        

Walter P. Wodchis


Realizing the Potential of Rehabilitative Care for People with Complex Health Conditions: The Time Is Now        

Charissa Levy, Sue Balogh and Emmi Perkins


Models of Collaboration

It Takes Two to Tango: Researchers and Decision-Makers Collaborating to Implement Practice Changes for Patients with Multimorbidity        

Martin Fortin, Martine Couture, Tarek Bouhali, Esther Leclerc and Moira Stewart


Building Bridges to Integrate Care (BRIDGES): Incubating Health Service Innovation across the Continuum of Care for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions        

Onil Bhattacharyya, Michael Schull, Kaveh Shojania, Vicky Stergiopoulos, Gary Naglie, Fiona Webster, Ricardo Brandao, Tamara Mohammed, Jennifer Christian, Gillian Hawker, Lynn Wilson and Wendy Levinson


A “Simple” Evidence-Based Intervention to Improve Care Transitions for Frail Patients with Complex Health Conditions: Why Didn’t It Work as Expected?        

David McNeil, Roger Strasser, Nancy Lightfoot and Raymond Pong


Exemplars of Integration and System Change

Improving Outcomes through Transformational Health and Social Care Integration – The Scottish Experience        

Anne Hendry, Alison Taylor, Stewart Mercer and Peter Knight


In Conversation with Nick Goodwin        

Renee Lyons


A Health System for Patients with Complex Conditions: Reflections from Bridgepoint’s Transformation        

Marian Walsh


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