Vol. 19 No. 3 2016



From the Editors


ICES Report

Developing Indicators for the Child and Youth Mental Health System in Ontario

Julie Yang, Paul Kurdyak and Astrid Guttmann


CIHI Survey

Increasing Rates of Kidney Failure Care in Canada Strains Demand for Kidney Donors

Michael Terner, Noura Redding and Juliana Wu



In Conversation with Michael Green, President and CEO, Canada Health Infoway

Ken Tremblay


Special Focus On Global Climate Change

Healthcare in the Anthropocene: Challenges and Opportunities    

Trevor Hancock


Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care Leading the Evolution of Green    

Kent Waddington and Linda Varangu


Recovering Plastics in a Hospital Can Have Environmental, Social and Economic Benefits    

Jérôme Ribesse and Nathalie Robitaille


Organic Waste Reduction at Hamilton Health Sciences    

Rosemary Van Oostrom


Healthcare and Climate Change: Do No Harm    

Deanna Fourt and Claudette Poirier


Quality Improvement

Searching for Best Direction in Healthcare: Distilling Opportunities, Priorities and Responsibilities    

Terrence Montague, Amédé Gogovor, Lucas Marshall, Bonnie Cochrane, Sara Ahmed, Emily Torr, John Aylen and Joanna Nemis-White


Using System Maps to Gain a System Perspective to Improve Outcomes    

Faten Mitchell


Leadership Development

Canadian Cancer Programs Are Struggling to Invest in Development of Future Leaders: Results of a Pan-Canadian Survey    

Nadir Khan, Lena Ghatage and Peter S. Craighead


Primary Healthcare

Increasing Primary Care Access Close to Home for Residents of Remote Communities in Northern Alberta    

A. Alison Ross, Tracey L. Yap, Johan van der Nest, Keith Martin and Alison H. Edie


Care In The Community

Evaluating Innovations in Home Care for Performance Accountability    

Barbara Collister, Abram Gutscher and Jana Ambrogiano


Healthcare Quarterly





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