Vol. 20, No. 2, 2017



From the Editors


ICES Report

The Delivery of Palliative and End-of-Life Care in Ontario

Amy T. Hsu and Peter Tanuseputro


CIHI Survey

New Tools for Measuring and Improving Patient Safety in Canadian Hospitals

Jennifer D'Silva, Joseph Emmanuel Amuah, Vanessa Sovran, Anne MacLaurin, Jennifer Rodgers, Tracy Johnson, Kira Leeb and Sandi Kossey



In Conversation with Mark Hundert, National Director (Retired), Hay Group

Ken Tremblay


Issues at End-of-Life

Public and Professional Insights on End-of-Life Care: Results of the 2016 Health Care in Canada Survey    

Terrence Montague, Joanna Nemis-White, John Aylen, Sara Ahmed, Sharon Baxter, Lesli Martin, Owen Adams and Amédé Gogovor


Second Medical Opinions in End-of-Life Disputes in Critical Care: An Ethics-Based Approach    

Sally Bean, Phil Shin, Blair Henry and Brian H. Cuthbertson


Ethics in Healthcare

A Survey of Hospital Ethics Structures in Ontario    

Jonathan Breslin


High-Users of Healthcare

Persistent and Non-Persistent High-users of Acute Care Resources: A Deeper Dive into the Patient and System Factors    

Arpita Gantayet, Michelle Ang, Xingshan Cao and Ilana Halperin


Approaches to Alternate Level of Care

Six Change Ideas that Significantly Minimize Alternative Level of Care (ALC) Days in Acute Care Hospitals    

Paula Chidwick, Jill Oliver, Daniel Ball, Christopher Parkes, Terri Lynn Hansen, Francesca Fiumara, Kiki Ferrari, Cindy Hawkswell and Karyn Lumsden


Leading Practices in Alternate Levels of Care (ALC) Avoidance: A Standardized Approach    

Elaine Burr and Sandra Dickau


Care in the Community

Conserving Quality of Life through Community Paramedics    

Christopher Ashton, Denise Duffie and Jeffrey Millar


Patient Safety

Medication Incidents Involving Antiepileptic Drugs in Canadian Hospitals: A Multi-Incident Analysis    

Roger Cheng, Yu Daisy Yang, Matthew Chan and Tejal Patel


Quality Improvement

Sustainable Benefits of a Community Hospital-based Pediatric Asthma Clinic    

Brian A. Kuzik, Chee P. Chen, Miriam J. Hansen and Paula L. Montgomery


Strategic Change in Surgical Quality Improvement: The Ottawa Hospital Comprehensive Unit-Based Safety Program Experience    

Caitlin Champion, Joseph Sadek and Husein Moloo


Healthcare Quarterly





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