Vol. 12 Special Issue | Patient Safety Papers



G. Ross Baker




Identifying Risks

Effect of Ambient Workload in the Intensive Care Unit on Mortality and Time to Discharge Alive

Scot A. Mountain, S. Morad Hameed, Najib T. Ayas, Monica Norena, Dean R. Chittock, Hubert Wong and Peter Dodek


Computed Tomography Radiation Dose: A Primer for Administrators

David A. Leswick, Chance S. Dumaine, Nida S. Syed and Derek A. Fladeland


Safety of Discharge of Seniors from the Emergency Department to the Community

Jane McCusker, Danièle Roberge, Alain Vadeboncoeur and Josée Verdon


Impact of Adverse Events on Hospital Disposition in Community-Dwelling Seniors Admitted to Acute Care

Stacy Ackroyd-Stolarz, Judith Read Guernsey, Neil J. MacKinnon and George Kovacs


Identification of Safety Outcomes for Canadian Home Care Clients: Evidence from the Resident Assessment Instrument - Home Care reporting system concerning emergency room visits

Diane M. Doran, John Hirdes, Jeff Poss, Micaela Jantzi, Régis Blais, G. Ross Baker and Jennie Pickard


Ensuring the Safety of Health Information Systems: Using Heuristics for Patient Safety

Christopher J. Carvalho, Elizabeth M. Borycki and Andre Kushniruk


Self-Reported Medical Errors in Seven Countries: Implications for Canada

Joshua O'Hagan, Neil J. MacKinnon, David Persaud and Holly Etchegary


Falls among Top Reasons for Transfers from Continuing Care to Acute Care Hospitals in Canada

Raymond Przybysz, Heather Dawson and Kira Leeb


Designing Safer Systems

Human Factors Perspectives on a Systemic Approach to Ensuring a Safer Medication Delivery Process

Joseph A. Cafazzo, Patricia Trbovich, Andrea Cassano-Piche, Anjum Chagpar, Peter G. Rossos, Kim J. Vicente and Anthony C. Easty


Building Clinical and Organizational Resilience to Reconcile Safety Threats, Tensions and Trade-Offs: Insights from Theory and Evidence

Lianne Jeffs, Deborah Tregunno, Kathleen MacMillan and Sherry Espin


Looking Ahead: The Use of Prospective Analysis to Improve the Quality and Safety of Care

Beverley Tezak, Carol Anderson, Annette Down, Helen Gibson, Brenda Lynn, Shelley McKinney, Christena Selby and Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann


Enhancing Transfusion Safety with an Innovative Bar-Code-Based Tracking System

Ryan W. Askeland, Steve P. McGrane, Dan R. Reifert and John D. Kemp


Toward an Integrated Simulation Approach for Predicting and Preventing Technology-Induced Errors in Healthcare: Implications for Healthcare Decision-Makers

Elizabeth M. Borycki, Andre Kushniruk, Elizabeth Keay, James Nicoll, James Anderson and Marilyn Anderson


Home Care Safety Perspectives from Clients, Family Members, Caregivers and Paid Providers

Ariella Lang, Marilyn Macdonald, Jan Storch, Kari Elliott, Lynn Stevenson, Helene Lacroix, Susan Donaldson, Serena Corsini-Munt, Farraminah Francis and Cherie Geering Curry


Implementing Safety Solutions

Implementation of Admission Medication Reconciliation at Two Academic Health Sciences Centres: Challenges and Success Factors

Edward Etchells, Anne Matlow, Maitreya Coffey, Patricia Cornish and Tessie Koonthanam


Hand Hygiene: Seeing Is Believing

Cynthia Plante-Jenkins and Florentina Belu


Improving Communication of Critical Test Results in a Pediatric Academic Setting: Key Lessons in Achieving and Sustaining Positive Outcomes

Cheryl Jackson, Maureen MacDonald, Michael Anderson, Polly Stevens, Philip Gordon and Ronald Laxer


Role of Champions in the Implementation of Patient Safety Practice Change

Stephanie Soo, Whitney Berta and G. Ross Baker


Compliance with a Pediatric Clinical Practice Guideline for Intravenous Fluid and Electrolyte Administration

Amanda Hurdowar, Lynn Urmson, Desmond Bohn, Denis Geary, Ronald Laxer and Polly Stevens


"Nurses Don't Hate Change" - Survey of nurses in a neonatal intensive care unit regarding the implementation, use and effectiveness of a bar code medication administration system

Frank H. Morriss Jr., Paul W. Abramowitz, Lee Carmen and Anne B. Wallis


Creating Safety Learning Systems

Medical Safety and Community Practice: Necessary Elements and Barriers to Implement a Safety Learning System

Maeve O'Beirne and Pam D. Sterling


Establishing a Provincial Patient Safety and Learning System: Pilot Project Results and Lessons Learned

Doug Cochrane, Annemarie Taylor, Georgene Miller, Valoria Hait, Irene Matsui, Manish Bharadwaj and Patrick Devine


Categorizing Errors and Adverse Events for Learning: A Provider Perspective

Liane R. Ginsburg, You-Ta Chuang, Julia Richardson, Peter G. Norton, Whitney Berta, Deborah Tregunno and Peggy Ng


TOCSIN: A Proposed Dashboard of Indicators to Control Healthcare-Associated Infections

Régis Blais, François Champagne and Louise Rousseau


Understanding Decision-Making in Healthcare and the Law

Decision-Making in Healthcare and the Law: An Introduction

Jan M. Davies, Sharon Caughey and Pat Croskerry


Context Is Everything or How Could I Have Been That Stupid?

Pat Croskerry


Nurses' Decisions, Irreducible Uncertainty and Maximizing Nurses' Contribution to Patient Safety

Carl Thompson and Huiqin Yang


Shared Decision-Making

William Godolphin


Thinking about Thinking: Implications for Patient Safety

Kathryn Montgomery


Healthcare and the Law: A View from the Bar

John Martland


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