Vol. 15 Special Issue 2016 | A Collaborative Approach to a Chronic Care Problem / Une approche de collaboration à un problèm de soins chroniques



The Atlantic Healthcare Collaboration: Is it Time to Challenge the West–East Health Gradient in Canada?         

Terrence Sullivan


Invited Essay

A Collaborative Approach to a Chronic Care Problem         

Jennifer Y. Verma, Jean-Louis Denis, Stephen Samis, François Champagne and Maureen O'Neil



A First Step on the Journey to High-Quality Chronic Illness Care         

Edward H. Wagner


System-Level Reform in Healthcare Delivery for Patients and Populations Living With Chronic Disease        

Richard Wedge and Hon. Douglas W. Currie


A Collaborative Approach to a Chronic Care Problem: An Academic Mentor’s Point of View        

Michael Vallis


Evaluating a Chronic Disease Management Improvement Collaboration: Lessons in Design and Implementation Fundamentals         

Kaye Phillips, Claudia Amar and Keesa Elicksen-Jensen


Meeting the Challenge of Chronic Conditions in a Sustainable Manner: Building on the AHC Learning         

Pedro Delgado


The Authors Respond

A Last Word on Collaborating for Lasting Change         

Jennifer Y. Verma, Stephen Samis, Jean-Louis Denis, Maureen O'Neil and François Champagne




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