Vol. 16, No. 1, 2016 | Regionalization: What Have We Learned?



Regionalization Does Not Equal Integration

Adalsteinn D. Brown, Peter W. T. Pisters and C. David Naylor


Invited Essay

Regionalization: What Have We Learned?    

Gregory P. Marchildon



What Can We Learn from the UK’s “Natural Experiments” of the Benefits of Regions?    

Gwyn Bevan


Regionalization Lessons from Denmark    

Karsten Vrangbaek


Health System Regionalization – the New Zealand Experience    

Tim Tenbensel


Transforming Regions into High-Performing Health Systems Toward the Triple Aim of Better Health, Better Care and Better Value for Canadians    

Yves Bergevin, Bettina Habib, Keesa Elicksen-Jensen, Stephen Samis, Jean Rochon, Jean-Louis Denis and Denis Roy


Regionalization as One Manifestation of the Pursuit of the Holy Grail    

Stephen Duckett


The Politics of Regionalization    

Katherine Fierlbeck


Lost in Maps: Regionalization and Indigenous Health Services    

Josée G. Lavoie, Derek Kornelsen, Yvonne Boyer and Lloy Wylie


The Author Responds

Where Are We Going from Here?    

Gregory P. Marchildon







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