Vol. 7 Special Issue | Healthy Workplaces


Notes from the Editor-in-Chief

Peggy Leatt


Invited Essays

Healthy Workplaces for Health Workers in Canada: Knowledge Transfer and Uptake in Policy and Practice

Judith Shamian and Fadi El-Jardali


Effective Teamwork in Healthcare: Research and Reality

Dave Clements, Mylène Dault and Alicia Priest



Collaborating to Embrace Evidence-Informed Management Practices within Canada's Health System

Wayne Strelioff, Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay and Melissa Barton


Building Healthy Workplaces: Time to Act on the Evidence

Heather K. Spence Laschinger


From Promise to Practice: Getting Healthy Work Environments in Health Workplaces

Linda Silas


Healthy Workplaces and Teamwork for Healthcare Workers Need Public Engagement

Sue Matthews and Sandra MacDonald-Rencz


CCHSA Accreditation: A Change Catalyst toward Healthier Work Environments

Wendy Nicklin and Melissa Barton


Time to Move from Paper to Practice

Marlene Smadu and Colin J. McMillan


The Challenge of Effective Workplace Change in the Health Sector

Michael S. Kerr and Cam Mustard


Mapping Out the Territory

Linda O'Brien-Pallas


Deepening the Impact of Initiatives to Promote Teamwork and Workplace Health: A Perspective from the NEKTA Study

Michael P. Leiter


Healthy Workplaces: The Case for Shared Clinical Decision Making and Increased Full-Time Employment

Doris Grinspun


Healthy Workplaces and Effective Teamwork: Viewed through the Lens of Primary Healthcare Renewal

Linda Jones and Daniel Way


Teamwork and Healthy Workplaces: Strengthening the Links for Deliberation and Action through Research and Policy

Ivy Oandasan


Boundaries of the "Healthcare Workplace" Must Be Expanded

Thomas F. Ward


The Authors Respond: Shamian and El-Jardali

Judith Shamian and Fadi El-Jardali


The Authors Respond: Clements and Helmer

Dave Clements and Janet Helmer




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