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Medicine, Body Fluid and Food: The Regulation of Human Donor Milk in Canada     

Martha J. Paynter and Kathryn Hayward


Research on Human Embryos and Reproductive Materials: Revisiting Canadian Law and Policy         

Ubaka Ogbogu, Amy Zarzeczny, Jay Baltz, Patrick Bedford, Jenny Du, Insoo Hyun, Yasmeen Jaafar, Andrea Jurisicova, Erika Kleiderman, Yonida Koukio, Bartha Maria Knoppers, Arthur Leader, Zubin Master, Minh Thu Nguyen, Forough Noohi, Vardit Ravitsky and Maeghan Toews


The Collaboration Challenge: Global Partnerships to Achieve Global Goals     

Michael Bzdak


In Conversation with Michael Villeneuve

Lynn M. Nagle


Enabling Evolving Practice for Healthcare Professionals: A Regulator’s Journey     

Kathy Wilkie and John Tzountzouris


Reforming Refugee Healthcare in Canada: Exploring the Use of Policy Tools     

Ethan Holtzer, Alicia Moore-Dean, Amirrtha Srikanthan and Kerry Kuluski


Engaging Nursing Voice and Presence During the Federal Election Campaign 2015     

Nora B. Whyte and Susan M. Duncan


Yes, Doctors, You Were Right. The Data Were Wrong: One Organization’s Data Quality Journey     

Michael Heenan, Ted Rogovein, Elizabeth Buller and Anthony Plati


Increasing Interest and Demand? Is Our System Well-Enough Prepared for Policy Change?     

Mary Jane Esplen


Diffusion of Personal Health Information Services: Self-Determining and Empowering Practices for Manitoba Inuit     

Wayne Voisey Clark





A Better Prescription: Advice for a National Strategy on Pharmaceutical Policy in Canada         

Steven G. Morgan, Marc-André Gagnon, Barbara Mintzes and Joel Lexchin


Funding IVF in Quebec: Mining the Web to Assess Public Support for Policy Change     

Neil Seeman


Rethinking Our Approach to Disease Management: Technology and Information Flow Considerations

Zun Lee and Myrna Francis