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Deadline Extended! The Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership is planning a series focused on the state of nursing leadership today and into the future. The demand for leadership in nursing is growing and expanding as the Canadian health system under goes significant change. The intent of this series is to prepare current and future leaders with information and strategies to ensure they are effective in their roles. Click here for more information.



Featured Articles

Patient Partnership: One Organization’s Journey     

Karima Velji, Callum Tyrrell, Mark Rice, Andrea Marshall and Sanaz Riahi


Lessons Learned After Losing my Brother to an Overdose: A Call to Action for Nurse Leaders     

Leigh Chapman


Addressing Gaps in Mental Health and Addictions Nursing Leadership: An Innovative Professional Development Initiative     

Margaret Gehrs, Gillian Strudwick, Sara Ling, Emilene Reisdorfer and Kristin Cleverley


Nursing Leadership: Making a Difference in Mental Health

Barbara Mildon, Kristin Cleverley, Gillian Strudwick, Rani Srivastava and Karima Velji




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