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Exploring Managers’ Views on Span of Control: More Than a Headcount     

Carol A. Wong, Pat Elliott-Miller, Heather Laschinger, Michael Cuddihy, Raquel M. Meyer, Margaret Keatings, Camille Burnett and Natalie Szudy


Clinical Nurse Specialists in Canada: Why Are Some Not Working in the Role?     

Kelley Kilpatrick, Alba DiCenso, Denise Bryant-Lukosius, Judith A. Ritchie, Ruth Martin-Misener and Nancy Carter


The Value of Registered Nurses in Collaborative Family Practice: Enhancing Primary Healthcare in Canada     

Vicki Kennedy


Ethics and Safety in Home Care: Perspectives on Home Support Workers     

Janet Storch, Cherie Geering Curry, Lynn Stevenson, Marilyn Macdonald and Ariella Lang


Team Leadership and Partnering in Nursing and Health Care     

Reviewed by Sue Ness


An Interview with Dr. Judith Shamian

Lynn Nagle


From Me to We and Back Again: Creating Health System Transformation through Authentic Collaboration within and beyond Nursing

Annette Elliott Rose and Kelly Lackie


Rekindling the Spirit: Staff Engagement 2.1

Nancy LeFebre




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