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Diffusing Innovative Roles Within Ontario Hospitals: Implementing the Nurse Practitioner as the Most Responsible Provider     

Christina Hurlock-Chorostecki and Michelle Acorn


Case Study: Realizing the Value of Nurse Practitioners in Long-Term Care     

M. Suzanne Cole


The Role of Nurse Practitioners in Long-Term Care Settings in Newfoundland and Labrador     

Maria Mathews, Dana Ryan and Melissa Power


Perspectives of Nurse Practitioner–Physician Collaboration among Nurse Practitioners in Canadian Long-Term Care Homes: A National Survey     

Carrie A. McAiney, Jenny Ploeg, Abigail Wickson-Griffiths, Sharon Kaasalainen, Ruth Martin-Misener, Noori Akhtar-Danesh, Faith Donald, Nancy Carter, Esther Sangster-Gormley, Kevin Brazil, Alan Taniguchi and Lori Schindel Martin




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