Vol. 26 Special Issue May 2013


London Health Sciences Centre: Raising the CQI Bar

Andrea Baumann




Continuous Quality Improvement: A Shared Governance Model That Maximizes Agent-Specific Knowledge

Vanessa Burkoski and Jennifer Yoon


Reducing Waste in the Critical Care Setting

Jean Morrow, Shelia Hunt, Virginia Rogan, Kathryn Cowie, Jan Kopacz, Colleen Keeler, Mary Beth Billick and Mary Kroh


More than Just a Simple Swish and Spit: Implementation of Oral Care Best Practice in Clinical Neurosciences

Penney Letsos, Lynda Ryall-Henke, Jennifer Beal and Gina Tomaszewski


Mothers' "Liquid Gold": A Quality Improvement Initiative to Support Early Colostrum Delivery via Oral Immune Therapy (OIT) to Premature and Critically Ill Newborns

Donna Pletsch, Cindy Ulrich, Michelle Angelini, Gail Fernandes and David S.C. Lee


The Lunch Bunch: An Innovative Strategy to Combat Depression and Delirium through Socialization in Elderly Sub-Acute Medicine Patients

Margot Feyerer, Dawn Kruk, Nicole Bartlett, Kathy Rodney, Cyndi McKenzie, Patrice Green, Lisa Keller and Pat Adcroft


The Effectiveness of Superficial Subcutaneous Lidocaine Administration Prior to Femoral Artery Sheath Removal

Laura Davison, Anne McVety and Tara Oke


Collaborating to Unfold Hospital Orientation: Using Simulation as a Teaching Strategy

Karilyn Lamers, Lisa Janisse, Gail Brown, Carol Butler and Barb Watson


Building a Healthy Work Environment: A Nursing Resource Team Perspective

Leslie Vaughan and Trisha Slinger


Nursing Leadership


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