Vol. 28, No. 2, 2015


From The Editor-In-Chief

The Ties that Bind Us

Lynn M. Nagle


ACEN Update

Leading with Integrity – Being Present and Visible

Lori Lamont


Special Focus on Research Capacity in Nursing

Scholar-in-Residence: An Organizational Capacity-Building Model to Move Evidence to Action    

Belinda Parke, Lynn Stevenson and Marguerite Rowe



Investing in Point-of-Care Nursing Scholarship: Economic and Ethical Arguments    

Lianne Jeffs


Nursing Research

Teamwork and Patient Care Teams in an Acute Care Hospital    

Andrea Rochon, Roberta Heale, Elena Hunt and Michele Parent


Recruitment and Retention in Rural Nursing: It’s Still an Issue!    

Judith C. Kulig, Kelley Kilpatrick, Pertice Moffitt and Lela Zimmer


Mentoring from Afar: Nurse Mentor Challenges in the Canadian Armed Forces    

Laura D.M. Neal


Nursing Leadership





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