Vol. 30, No. 3, 2017


From the Editor-in-Chief

Everybody Knows Somebody

Lynn M. Nagle



Nursing Leadership: Making a Difference in Mental Health

Barbara Mildon, Kristin Cleverley, Gillian Strudwick, Rani Srivastava and Karima Velji


Professional Practice

Addressing Gaps in Mental Health and Addictions Nursing Leadership: An Innovative Professional Development Initiative    

Margaret Gehrs, Gillian Strudwick, Sara Ling, Emilene Reisdorfer and Kristin Cleverley


Starting at the Beginning: The Role of Public Health Nursing in Promoting Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health    

Lenora Marcellus and Sana Z. Shahram


Transitions in Care

Mending the Cracks: A Case Study in Using Technology to assist with Transitional Care for Persons with Dementia    

Kim Ritchie, Andra Duff-Woskosky and Sarah Kipping


Innovative Technologies

Digital Mental Health – Innovations in Consumer Driven Care    

Mary Lou Ackerman, Tazim Virani and Barry Billings


Challenging Stigma

Lessons Learned After Losing my Brother to an Overdose: A Call to Action for Nurse Leaders    

Leigh Chapman


Engaging the Community

Nurses Taking the Lead: A Community Engagement and Knowledge Exchange Forum on Substance Abuse and Addiction in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan        

Geoffrey Maina, Brenda Mishak, Anthony de Padua, Gillian Strudwick, Angelica Docabo and Hira Tahir


Patient Partnership: One Organization’s Journey    

Karima Velji, Callum Tyrrell, Mark Rice, Andrea Marshall and Sanaz Riahi


Nursing Leadership





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