Vol. 16 No. 1 2015



From the Editor-in-Chief

Judith Shamian


From the Guest Editor

Delivering on Equity Depends on Us

Marilyn A. DeLuca



Time for a Copernican Revolution in Health Labour Markets

Agnes Soucat


Research Paper

Health Workforce Measurement: Seeking Global Governance and National Accountability    

Marilyn A DeLuca and Sofia Castro Lopes


Global Health Service Partnership: First Year Findings    

Vanessa Kerry, Libby Cunningham, Pat Daoust and Sadath Sayeed


Improving Access to Care among Underserved Populations: The Role of Health Workforce Data in Health Workforce Policy, Planning and Practice    

Jennifer Wesson, Pamela McQuide, Claire Viadro, Maritza Titus, Norbert Forster, Daren Trudeau and Maureen Corbett


Human Resources for Health: A Critical yet Challenging Pathway to Universal Health Coverage in Indonesia    

Rosalia Sciortino and Roy Tjong


Thai Health Promotion Foundation: Innovative Enabler for Health Promotion    

Sakol Sopitarchasak, Supreda Adulyanon and Tananart Lorthong


Findings from a Survey of an Uncategorized Cadre of Clinicians in 46 Countries – Increasing Access to Medical Care with a Focus on Regional Needs Since the 17th Century    

Nadia Cobb, Marie Meckel, Jennifer Nyoni, Karen Mulitalo, Hoonani Cuadrado, Jeri Sumitani, Gerald Kayingo and David Fahringer


The Effect of the Conflict on Syria’s Health System and Human Resources for Health     

Aula Abbara, Karl Blanchet, Zaher Sahloul, Fouad Fouad, Adam Coutts and Wasim Maziak



No Global Health without Human Resources For Health (HRH): The Nursing Lens

Judith Shamian, Gail Tomblin Murphy, Annette Elliott Rose and Lianne Jeffs


World Health & Population





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