Vol. 16 No. 2 2015


From the Editor-in-Chief

We Need a New Approach in Implementing and Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Judith Shamian



Leslie Mancuso



Addressing Maternal and Newborn Health: A Leadership Perspective        

Leslie Mancuso, Peter Johnson, Leah Hart and Kate Austin



Case Study: Clinical Governance as an Approach to Improve Maternal and Newborn Health in 22 Hospitals in Indonesia        

Dwirani Amelia, Stephanie Suhowatsky, Mohammad Baharuddin, Maya Tholandi, Anne Hyre and Reena Sethi


Improving Practice

Case Study: A Rapid Rollout of Universal Maternal HAART Improves Outcomes among HIV-Positive Women and Their Infants in Kenya        

Maxwell Muganda, Rosemary Njogu, Stephen Mutwiwa, Lucy Kiraithe, Edward Munyi, Leonard Mulase, Stanley Bii and Mildred Mudany


Case Study: Experience Applying and Tracking a Quality Improvement Approach for Maternal and Newborn Health Services in Sub-Saharan Africa        

Barbara Rawlins, Young-Mi Kim, Jaime Haver, Aleisha Rozario, Adrienne Kols, Hillary Chiguvare, Matias Anjos, Emmanuel Otolorin and Jacqueline Aribot


Case Study: Effects of a Media Campaign on Breastfeeding Behaviours in Sindh Province, Pakistan        

Young-Mi Kim, Zaeem-Ul Haq, Jamila Soomro, Zia Sultana, Azeema Faizunnisa and Sohail Agha



Case Study: Primary Healthcare Clinical Placements during Nursing and Midwifery Education in Lesotho        

Alice Christensen, Semakaleng Phafoli, Johannah Butler, Isabel Nyangu, Laura Skolnik and Stacie C. Stender


Case Study: The Role of eLearning in Midwifery Pre-Service Education in Ghana        

Martha Appiagyei, Alison Trump, Evans Danso, Alex Yeboah, Sarah Searle and Catherine Carr


Health Human Resources

Factors Affecting Turnover Intention among Nurses in Ethiopia        

Firew Ayalew, Adrienne Kols, Young-Mi Kim, Anne Schuster, Mark R. Emerson, J. van Roosmalen, Jelle Stekelenburg, Damtew Woldemariam and Hannah Gibson


Case Study: Using Task Analysis to Determine the Status of Education and Practice of Medical Licentiates for the Provision of Anesthesia in Zambia        

Lastina Tembo Lwatula, Peter Johnson, Anel Bowa, David Lusale, Joseph Nikisi, Martha Ndhlovu and Catherine Carr


World Health & Population





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